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LMFAO Pandora

I have talked before about how I don’t have music on my phone and listen to Pandora when I work out.

Typically my go to stations are the Lady Gaga station or the Black Eyed Peas station. They both have a great music selection that help me power through my work out. If you haven’t tried them, then you should!

Lately I have been getting sick of always hearing the same songs over and over again. I have been loving the song “I’m Sexy And I Know It” by LMFAO and got the brilliant idea to listen to the LMFAO Pandora station.


I do not regret the idea one bit! It was just what I needed to mix up my work outs. Some of the songs are a little out there and almost annoying but overall the station treated me well and has left me looking forward to listening to it the next time I work out!


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I have been completely obsessed with this song lately. Enjoy! 🙂

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Alright, this band (LMFAO) is ridiculous. The song “I’m Sexy and I Know It” has been cracking me up and stuck in my head for a week now. I heard something about the video on the radio tonight. Naturally I had to look it up.

I wish I could take back the 3 minutes and 24 seconds I just spent watching this video. I will never be able to listen to the song without thinking of….well….”the wiggle.”

Annnnnd that’ll do it for Tuesday. 🙂

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Starbucks outing

For three weeks now I have spent so much time here in Phil’s apartment. Alone. With just my computer and the tv.

Some days, I just need to get out. A common destination for me has been Starbucks. Yes, for the delicious drinks but also for the free wireless. And I can’t forget the pick of the week!

Thanks Starbucks for giving me free songs on iTunes. Definitely check this out if you never have before!

So back to this whole needing to get out thing.

In my life, routine is good. However, it is not so good when the routine is getting out of bed, sitting at my computer, moving to sit on the couch, back to sitting at the table with my computer, and so on. I have found that if I am here in the apartment every single day, doing the same thing, without any sort of outlet, that it just puts me in a really bad mood and makes me feel pretty worthless. So, this is why I have tried to figure out ways to get out of the apartment but still be able to do what is number one on the to do list every day: apply for jobs.

I have found Starbucks to be a great place to go. It is a change of scenery, a good place for people watching, it has AC (which we don’t have in Phil’s apartment) and it offers me free wireless so I can apply for jobs. It also provides me with a push of motivation that the apartment doesn’t offer me on most days. And it doesn’t allow me to sit on the couch and get sucked into HGTV shows for hours on end (guilty pleasure).

So with that being said, today is a Starbucks kind of day. Let’s hope my little table in the corner is open when I get there! 🙂

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Pandora vs. Grooveshark

I must say, this morning FLEW by! I can’t believe it is already noon! I would normally be excited for lunch around this time but I just ate a delicious slice of banana bread that was leftover from a morning meeting. That should hold me over for a bit 🙂

But anyway! Lets get to today’s topic.

I am sure that all of you have heard of Pandora radio and maybe you have all heard of Grooveshark as well. Grooveshark is a more recent discovery for me (about a year ago, thanks Phil! :)). I can not say for sure that I prefer one over the other. I have found a way for the two to work together. Here is what I’m thinking.

Pandora: This is a great way to listen to music and discover new songs of a certain genre that you particularly like. Something that I can’t stand about Pandora is that when you want to listen to a certain song or you want to listen to the same song two times in a row, you can’t. Pandora doesn’t allow you to do that. You have to listen to the songs that they pick for you. If you skip 7 songs in an hour, then you’re screwed and stuck listening to music you might not care for. Another thing that bothers me is that Pandora has incorporated commercials into the music. Yes, they are short but I still find them annoying when I’m cruising along on a run and all of a sudden have someone speaking to me about something I don’t care about as opposed to the next song on the Lady Gaga station.

Grooveshark: I love Grooveshark because you can create your own play lists and pick the songs that you want to listen to. When you log back in all of your play lists will be saved and you can pick up where you left off or skip around to whatever song you please. The trouble I have with Grooveshark is that sometimes they don’t have the song I’m looking for. And every Adele song that I try and add to a play list disappears (dislike). And iPhone won’t let you load Grooveshark to listen to while you run because they have some agreement with Pandora.

SO with that being said, I have taken it upon myself to use the two to my advantage. Throughout the day I will put on a Pandora station. When I hear a song that I like, I log into Grooveshark and add it to one of my play lists! I get to discover new music and then listen to it again at a later time. Win, win.

I suppose I should get back to work and hope this afternoon goes by just as fast as this morning did. Three more hours until the Wednesday work day is over!! Woohoo!

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Lets start today off with a song, shall we?

I have to zone in at work this morning and actually accomplish a few things. The way that I do this is by going invisible on gchat, avoiding all social networks, and putting on some music. Today I am starting my day with Birds by Kate Nash. Absolutely loving Kate Nash right now. Her voice is so unique and I haven’t found a song that I don’t like. I hope you like it too! Let me know what you think! 🙂

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Love Story

Song of the day today, Love Story by Taylor Swift.

An embarrassing story about this song: One night when Phil was visiting Boston we were out drinking with our friends. Once we got back to my apartment I decided that I wanted to listen to some music. I put on this song and immediately thought that I was Taylor Swift. I started singing at the top of my lungs in the most beautiful voice (thank goodness my roommates were already sleeping and didn’t wake up). Naturally, I was mortified the next morning when Phil reminded me of my performance. I mean, it couldn’t have been THAT bad if he stuck around…right? 😉

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