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Colorado Recap

A little delay with a recap from my mini vacation over President’s Day weekend.

I really love long weekends. I love them even more when I get to spend them doing fun things with fun people.

My long weekend was spent in Silverthorne, Colorado. Phil and I met a few of our friends from Chicago out in Colorado to spend the weekend skiing. We skied Keystone Mountain and Copper Mountain as a group.

All of us at Keystone

Heading for the bowls at Keystone

Of course breaks throughout the day are necessary. Pretty sure we have all of the essentials here!

The views are just beautiful. I love Colorado.

View from Copper Mountain

On the last day of the trip, Jess and I opted out of skiing due to our hurting shins. We completely blame the poor quality of the ski boots we rented for the pain we were feeling. The guys tackled Vail for the last day of the trip while Jess and I did a little shopping and pampered ourselves with a mani/pedi.

The weekend was a blast! Colorado hasn’t had much snow this winter so the conditions definitely could have been better, but all other aspects of the trip were great. Before the weekend was even over we decided that this will be a yearly trip and each year we will tackle a new location. Can’t wait for ski trip 2013!


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To Colorado We Go!

Being from Maine, I know what winter is all about. Growing up, nor’easter was a common word in my vocabulary.

When I moved to Wisconsin I was told the winters here are worse. I heard horror stories of endless snow storms and temps way to far below zero.
I was expecting my first Wisconsin winter to be cold. And snowy. And miserable. But is has actually been pretty tolerable.
1 snow storm + a few cold days = not too bad!
(I am totally jinxing myself)

This weekend I am off to another snowy place with Phil and a few friends. Colorado here we come!

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Another Race!

I am ecstatic to say that I just recently signed up for my third race!! (Click to read about my first race and my second race).

This isn’t just any race. It is a race that is put on in many locations all over the country. Yes, I signed up to run a Rock ‘N’ Roll half marathon!! In New Orleans!!

Two weeks ago my friend Jess emailed our group of UNH girls and suggested the idea of signing up for the Rock ‘N’ Roll half marathon in New Orleans and staying a few extra days to celebrate her 25th birthday. I didn’t even hesitate. My answer immediately was yes. I have been dying to run one of these races. Add 5 of my best friends from UNH/Boston plus a birthday celebration plus New Orleans and I’d say we have ourselves a crazy weekend in our future. I wish the race was sooner!!

Here a few pictures of the six of us from the past. 🙂

Cinco de Mayo senior year of college

Halloween 2010

Christmas party 2010

My going away party in Boston before I moved to Wisconsin

I love these girls and miss them so much!! I am so happy that I have this weekend to look forward…even if it isn’t until March!! 😀

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First Trip Back East

Phil and I got off the plane in Boston and the first thing he said to me was, “do you smell that?”…oh boy did I smell it! The smell of the ocean put an instant smile on my face. It is something I definitely miss.  Before moving to Wisconsin, I was always just miles from the ocean weather it was in Maine, New Hampshire, or Boston. Now I am surrounded by lakes. It just isn’t the same.

Before I left for my first trip to Boston, I told you all what I love so much about the city. Well, all of those things still stand to be true. The weekend was definitely a blast! It was so, so good to see all of my friends that I have missed so much! It was pretty weird being in my old apartment and around the city with the people I was so used to and be a visitor instead of a resident!

But ultimately, words won’t do the weekend justice so instead I will share with you my weekend in photos. Enjoy!

Me and my old roommates! (it looks like there is an animal laying on my shoulder. fail.)

The girls pre going out!

Two of my favorites! 🙂

Another roommate picture.

Now the goal is to get all these people out to Madison for a visit! A girl can dream. 🙂

The weekend ended with a day walking the beach with my parents. It couldn’t have ended more perfectly. Miss you friends! Can’t wait to see you again soon!

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Ever since I moved to Wisconsin I have been meaning to write a “what I love/miss about Boston” post. Clearly I haven’t got around to it. Now that the day is here for my trip back to Boston, I figure this is the perfect time for a post that is long over due.

So, with that being said. Here is what I love and miss about Boston. I really don’t think words are necessary.

(yes, despite their embarrassing losing streak I still miss the Sox and Fenway)

And what I miss most about Boston…

St Patty's day 2011

All the girls at my going away party

My old roommates 🙂

Night of my going away party

I can’t believe that I haven’t seen these people in THREE months! I can’t wait to see all my friends!! 😀 There are so many good memories from Boston and I can’t wait to make more this weekend!

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Alongside more new TV shows, tonight has been filled with packing for the amazing weekend ahead! Currently my room looks like a bomb went off but I’ll save your eyes from that and pretend that I’m a very organized packer.

Seven pairs of shoes for three days is normal, right?

Time for The Office and pre weekend primping!

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Florida fun

Two years ago a group of us took a post graduation trip to Florida. After being smacked in the face with the realization that we had just closed the door on the past and best four years of our lives, we needed a way to be together just a little bit longer. My friend Josh had a timeshare and invited some of us along with him to spend a week in Florida.

I really like this picture.

The girls of the trip!

And the boys.

One too many drinks by the pool leads to needing double tubes.

One year ago, I found myself in Florida again! This time with Phil and his parents. 🙂 As I explained here, Phil went right off to grad school after our undergrad. His parents told him that they would bring us to Disney World after he graduated. Believe me, you’re never too old for Disney! It was such a great trip!

We wore silly hats.

We went on rides! Phil is pretending to be the monster in this picture, haha.

We took normal pictures too. 🙂 🙂

If I were to keep the tradition going, I would be heading to Florida right now. BUT here I am, present day, with no trip to Florida in sight. Instead I’m sitting in an office, seeing the sun shine through the window, wishing I was anywhere but here.

Time for another cup of coffee and to get crackin’ on my continuously growing to-do list!

Happy Thursday everyone! A trip to an art museum with my roommate Jamie is on the agenda for after work tonight. We have been talking about going for a while and it is free on Thursday nights. Sounds like the perfect time to go to me! 🙂

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