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Bloggers Block

I promise I have wanted to blog lately, I just really don’t have much to say and can’t seem to get creative enough to come up with something random.

I work, then I work a second job, I eat, I work out (not really), I sleep, I wake up and do it all over again.

I will leave you with this:

  • It’s getting really cold here in Wisconsin
  • Go Packers
  • My landlord increased the price of laundry by 25 cents (jerks!)
  • I have been eating way too much candy lately

Oh, and Saturday I drank a boot.

Happy start to a new week!


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Apartment without AC

As I have mentioned many times before, we aren’t allowed to have AC here in Phil’s apartment. The building is old and the landlord doesn’t allow it. Let me just say that it has been miserable here in Madison the last few days. Yesterday it got up to 94 degrees and the heat index was 115. The heat index dropped down to 100 degrees around the time I was getting ready for bed. How on earth can it stay this hot until Thursday?! Oy.

Because of the AC-less apartment, I created a wind tunnel to sleep in last night. It actually made sleeping pretty comfortable.

The goal of today is to make as many excuses as possible to go to places with AC.

I spent this morning meeting with a family about occasionally babysitting for them. 20 minute drive, 1 hour there, 20 minute drive = 1 hour and 40 mins of AC. I find myself back in the sticky apartment right now and can’t wait to get out the door to go to an appointment for my temp job that starts Monday! I will probably have to take advantage of the little strip mall that I stumbled upon the last time I was at the temp agency. I also see a long gym session in my future (because I’m obsessed with my gym and because of the AC). Any other (free) ideas of places to go to stay cool?! Feel free to share. 🙂

I just whipped up some iced coffee and it’s never tasted so good and refreshing.

I added a little bit of my Cinnamon Bun Creamer that I am loving. I also have taken ownership of Phil’s reusable Starbucks cup. I love it!

Have a good Tuesday everyone. I hope you are all working away in places with AC. Stay cool!

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Holy Heat

The heat has been no joke lately out here in Wisconsin. I heard them say on the radio that next week is going to be in the 100’s most of the week. I am not sure what to do with myself in heat like that.

After sleeping in a little later than planned this morning Phil and I got out of bed with intentions of making french toast for breakfast. I decided I wasn’t very hungry and he was heading out the door in a half hour to go play golf. We just bummed around the apartment instead.

Once Phil left I took a few minutes to talk myself into going for a run. I knew that the heat was going to get really bad today so if I was going to run at all, it had to be in the morning. I took out my phone and looked at the weather…it was already 81 degrees and only 10 in the morning. I debated whether or not it was too hot to go for a run. I sat around for a little while and then told myself to just do it! Put on the running shoes and get out there.

So, I did just that! I checked the temp one more time before I left the apartment. At this point it was 84 degrees.

Very slowly I ran a little less than 3 miles around one of the lakes nearby. Am I happy I went? Of course! Was it miserable? Of course!

Just for kicks I decided to check what the temp was once I was done with my run. At this point it was 88 degrees. No wonder my run was such a struggle!

I have spent the day updating the blog and doing things around the apartment (laundry, cleaning, etc.) and now I am going to sit my butt on the couch, enjoy a smoothie and endless amounts of freeze pops while I watch the USA soccer game. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Strawberry banana smoothie with skim milk

Have a good Sunday afternoon everyone! 🙂

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Lack of an ocean breeze

Wow. I am really missing that ocean breeze today. It’s currently 86 degrees and the high for today is 97. Oof. To make it even better, Phil isn’t allowed to have an AC in his apartment. It could be a rough weekend if the heat keeps up.

This meant I kept lunch simple. I have been obsessed with PB&J’s lately. They have never tasted so good. Along side my sammy I had a glass of iced coffee that I brewed up yesterday. Mmm, mmm good!

But on the brighter side of things…it is a long weekend! And Phil’s parents are coming in to town tonight! We have a fun filled weekend planned which of course will involve BBQing, fireworks, and trying to stay cool. We are also going to bring his parents to the huge farmers market that takes place in downtown Madison every Saturday. Phil brought me to the farmers market during one of my visits over the last year and I loved it! I anticipate a ridiculous crowd but it will be worth it!

Phil and I decided it’s too hot to even be in this apartment tonight. We have plans to grab a bite to eat once he gets home from work and then see an early movie (mainly just to enjoy the AC) before his parents arrive tonight. I think we will see Super 8….unless I can convince Phil to see Bad Teacher (yes, I want to see it). 🙂

With lack of better things to do, I told Phil I’d take time today to clean up the apartment and get other things done around here in preparation for his parents visit. I’ve put a pretty big dent in my list at this point and think I deserve to take a break to lay in the backyard, enjoy the sun, and finish my book! Don’t you agree?! 😉

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!!!

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Weekend recap

Here we are, another Sunday night upon us and I failed to blog all weekend! I was a very busy girl, so please forgive me 🙂

The weekend started off with drinks at my apartment with a few friends. We moseyed out to a local bar and called it a night after one drink. It got late and once we got to the bar we just weren’t feeling it at all.

Saturday morning the day started off with a quick run. It was the first time I ran since the half marathon and let me tell you, it was a struggle.

My roommates and I decided at the last minute to go to the Red Sox game on Saturday afternoon!!

Our seats ended up being in the shade and it was FREEZING! Six attempts later, we were finally able to settle down in one seat. It was almost humorous (but really awkward) how many different seats we went through at the beginning of the game. It was a breezy day, but the sun was out. Needless to say, I left the game looking like a lobster. Oh, and the pictures with the date on them came from Jamie’s camera. Not sure why the date says 1/1/08!

Saturday night brought more sports. My roommates and I went to Boston Beer Works for dinner and the Bruins game.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the June beer specials. They have peach, watermelon, and raspberry. I had to try the watermelon beer.

We had a 45 min wait for a table for dinner so I was extremely stoked to find this piece of watermelon attached to my beer. And I must say, the beer was delicious. For my second beer I tried the peach. The beer was really good…it just didn’t taste anything like peach.

This brings me to Sunday! Today was girls day. Me and a few of my friends went and got manicures/pedicures and then went and saw Bridesmaids. It was a great afternoon. Bridesmaids was hilarious. I highly recommended it!

Ending this amazing day and great weekend with a Skype date with Phil. 🙂 Almost single digits until we bring the long distance to and end!!

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Short work week!

I love short work weeks!!! 😀 I am taking off on Thursday and heading to Wisconsin to see Phil!! Very, very excited!!

But lets back track for a second and talk about the weekend. On Friday, I set some goals for myself for over the weekend. They were…

  • Have fun with friends 😀
  • Don’t neglect the blog
  • Eat out at a new restaurant (there is a crepe place down the road I’ve been dying to try. I’ve never had a crepe)

I accomplished three out of the four!

I had fun with friends on Friday night. (I am kicking myself for not loading my pictures to my computer yet, so instead here are pictures from a few other fun times)

The girls, party at our apartment!

Some of my favorites before the St. Patty's parade

Marathon Monday!

Love my friends 😀 😀

I took time to relax. (And caught on on Gossip Girl!! I was behind FOUR episodes. How did that happen?! I can’t wait to watch the new episode tonight!!…it’s a guilty please, alright?) 🙂

I ate a crepe (I got a bacon, egg and cheese one. It  was delicious. I want to go back soon and try a french toast crepe or a fruity one).

Bacon, egg, and cheese crepe!

The one that I failed to accomplish, “don’t neglect the blog”…this seems to be a reoccurring theme every weekend. But I have very good reasons for why I have neglected posting.

I went shopping (and finally invested in a pair of Hunters!! Just in time for a week full of rain. I bought the navy ones).

I worked at the restaurant.

I trained for my half marathon!! My roommate, Jamie, and I ran 10 miles on Saturday. It was awesome! We ran all around the city (literally) and got to enjoy running along the Charles River. After the run we both felt pretty good! All I had on my mind was something cold and sweet. For some reason I was craving soda…and then juice…and then a smoothie. I had ingredients at the apartment to make a smoothie which was a pleasant surprise. We didn’t have any straws so I decided to eat it out of a bowl instead.

Chocolate covered strawberry

In my smoothie I put frozen strawberries, almond milk, and come cocoa powder. I just guesstimated and added what looked right. It was delicious and just what I was in the mood for after a very long run!

The weekend was a good one. This week should be great as well! Only 3.5 days of work (only 3 left at this point)! And a great weekend to follow a short week. Happy Monday everyone!

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Running on pillows

Holy busy day!

I had all good intentions of coming into work this morning and writing a quick blog post before settling into my work. Well, clearly that didn’t happen. I arrived to the office with work on my desk and an email in my inbox saying I had to be apart of a 1.5 hour webinar. I had work from yesterday still hanging over my head because I was too lazy to do it and knew I had to buckle down and get. it. done. At this point, I knew I had to turn to my secret weapon…

Large Iced Coffee

I am not sure how or why this iced coffee is so delicious, but it is. I buy my iced coffee from one of the food trucks that parks outside of my building. I don’t know how they do it, but this coffee is ah-maz-ing.

But enough with the iced coffee. It did its job and now its time for me to not do mine and write a blog post instead (everyone needs a break during the work day, right?) 🙂

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I got new running sneakers. It has taken me a while to get around to finally breaking them in because I was sick but let me tell you, I love them. I honestly feel like I am running on pillows. They are so comfy which allows me to run forever! I am so glad I purchased these babies with enough time to break them in before my race. Speaking of race…

Despite sore legs my run yesterday was awesome. I ran a lot further than I had initially planned. The weather was perfect and I wanted to be outside as long as possible so, why not run 6.5 miles! Because I had such a good run yesterday and intend to attempt a 10 miler tomorrow, I think my legs deserve a day off today 🙂

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