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First Trip Back East

Phil and I got off the plane in Boston and the first thing he said to me was, “do you smell that?”…oh boy did I smell it! The smell of the ocean put an instant smile on my face. It is something I definitely miss.  Before moving to Wisconsin, I was always just miles from the ocean weather it was in Maine, New Hampshire, or Boston. Now I am surrounded by lakes. It just isn’t the same.

Before I left for my first trip to Boston, I told you all what I love so much about the city. Well, all of those things still stand to be true. The weekend was definitely a blast! It was so, so good to see all of my friends that I have missed so much! It was pretty weird being in my old apartment and around the city with the people I was so used to and be a visitor instead of a resident!

But ultimately, words won’t do the weekend justice so instead I will share with you my weekend in photos. Enjoy!

Me and my old roommates! (it looks like there is an animal laying on my shoulder. fail.)

The girls pre going out!

Two of my favorites! 🙂

Another roommate picture.

Now the goal is to get all these people out to Madison for a visit! A girl can dream. 🙂

The weekend ended with a day walking the beach with my parents. It couldn’t have ended more perfectly. Miss you friends! Can’t wait to see you again soon!


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Ever since I moved to Wisconsin I have been meaning to write a “what I love/miss about Boston” post. Clearly I haven’t got around to it. Now that the day is here for my trip back to Boston, I figure this is the perfect time for a post that is long over due.

So, with that being said. Here is what I love and miss about Boston. I really don’t think words are necessary.

(yes, despite their embarrassing losing streak I still miss the Sox and Fenway)

And what I miss most about Boston…

St Patty's day 2011

All the girls at my going away party

My old roommates 🙂

Night of my going away party

I can’t believe that I haven’t seen these people in THREE months! I can’t wait to see all my friends!! 😀 There are so many good memories from Boston and I can’t wait to make more this weekend!

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Alongside more new TV shows, tonight has been filled with packing for the amazing weekend ahead! Currently my room looks like a bomb went off but I’ll save your eyes from that and pretend that I’m a very organized packer.

Seven pairs of shoes for three days is normal, right?

Time for The Office and pre weekend primping!

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Yay Bruins!!

39 years later, the Bruins win again!!!! (In case you missed it)

I am not even ashamed to admit that I was/am a complete fareweather fan. I love my Celtics and have never really cared about the Bruins. Once the Celtics lost and the Bruins were doing so well, I couldn’t avoid watching them. It became something fun to do during the week. The Bruins were an excuse to go out, socialize, and be apart of the crazy Boston fans. No matter what bar you went to to watch the game you would always get the same crowd…the loyal and passionate fans. The bars would erupt every time a goal was scored as if we were all in the arena watching the game. People would high five each other and cheer so loud! I just loved being able to be apart of that!

Unfortunately I wasn’t in Boston for game 7. I really wish I had been! Being the dedicated fareweather fan that I was this season, I really felt left out not being in Boston to celebrate with everyone else tonight after the game! My friends were all texting me and sending me pictures of the crowded streets. WAH! I wish I had been there.

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Going away party

My weekend was packed full of friends and fun! It went a little something like this….

These fools came down from Maine to visit!! And I’m so glad they did. They make my life so fun!!

love these boys

Friday night Rachel made me cry. It was the last night we were seeing each other before my move. Drinks were involved and the tears came a flowin’. (Fortunately we don’t have a pic of the tears. But this is the most recent pic I have of just me and Rach which is from NYE, and I love it)

Saturday night we had a going away party for me at my apartment. It was SO great to see everyone. We all had a ton of fun…and took a ton of pictures. For those of you who don’t know, I am a paparazzi. I love taking pictures of me and my friends when we are out having fun. It is so great to be able to look back through pictures and remember all of the great times we had together. My last weekend in Boston meant EXTRA pictures. Here is a quick glimpse of my weekend 😀

Roommate pictures needed to happen, obviously.

And naturally we dressed in the same colors both nights. (I swear this wasn’t on purpose and I didn’t even notice until I saw the pictures)

I’m going to miss these girls after spending pretty much the last 6 years together!! We had our fun at UNH and then continued our fun in Boston. And apparently we like to segregate…brunettes on the left, blondies on the right.

The weekend was full of laughs, drinks, and tons of dancing. What else would you expect?!

My last weekend in Boston was the most fun weekend we have all had in a while. It was so great bringing everyone together. I am going to miss everyone in Boston SO much! There will be many visits in our future. Even if I have to bribe them to come to Wisconsin. 😀

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Weekend recap

Here we are, another Sunday night upon us and I failed to blog all weekend! I was a very busy girl, so please forgive me 🙂

The weekend started off with drinks at my apartment with a few friends. We moseyed out to a local bar and called it a night after one drink. It got late and once we got to the bar we just weren’t feeling it at all.

Saturday morning the day started off with a quick run. It was the first time I ran since the half marathon and let me tell you, it was a struggle.

My roommates and I decided at the last minute to go to the Red Sox game on Saturday afternoon!!

Our seats ended up being in the shade and it was FREEZING! Six attempts later, we were finally able to settle down in one seat. It was almost humorous (but really awkward) how many different seats we went through at the beginning of the game. It was a breezy day, but the sun was out. Needless to say, I left the game looking like a lobster. Oh, and the pictures with the date on them came from Jamie’s camera. Not sure why the date says 1/1/08!

Saturday night brought more sports. My roommates and I went to Boston Beer Works for dinner and the Bruins game.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the June beer specials. They have peach, watermelon, and raspberry. I had to try the watermelon beer.

We had a 45 min wait for a table for dinner so I was extremely stoked to find this piece of watermelon attached to my beer. And I must say, the beer was delicious. For my second beer I tried the peach. The beer was really good…it just didn’t taste anything like peach.

This brings me to Sunday! Today was girls day. Me and a few of my friends went and got manicures/pedicures and then went and saw Bridesmaids. It was a great afternoon. Bridesmaids was hilarious. I highly recommended it!

Ending this amazing day and great weekend with a Skype date with Phil. 🙂 Almost single digits until we bring the long distance to and end!!

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Weekend plans

As of this morning my weekend was a blank slate.

Well, that has completely changed.

I quickly had a realization that I only have two weekends left here in Boston (so bittersweet)!!! I need to make the most of them!!

Here is what has been put on the agenda so far:

  • After work: run with Leigh
  • Tonight: drinks with friends
  • Saturday morning: run/walk the Charles River
  • Saturday afternoon: potentially a Sox game!
  • Saturday night: bar food and beers for the Bruin’s game
  • Sunday: girl time (mani/pedi, shopping and see a chick flick)

Then there are the not so fun things:

  • start to pack
  • apply for jobs

Things to do with any free time I might have:

Sounds like a great weekend ahead!! I am going to enjoy every second of it. I’m going to miss Boston!! (but also can’t wait for Madison!!) 🙂

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