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Chicago part two!

Saturday morning Phil and I woke up, ordered breakfast in bed, and then quickly got ready for the day and headed out the door to explore Chicago! We did a little window shopping and enjoyed the nice weather. We met up with some friends and enjoyed Chicago style pizza for lunch. Yes, it was my first time eating deep dish pizza. Obviously, I loved it.

From here on out we spent the rest of the weekend with Phil’s friend, Geoff, and his girlfriend, Jess. They were so nice to show us around the city and hang out with us for the weekend! After lunch and spending the afternoon walking around, we returned to Geoff’s apartment for some drinks on his roof deck. The weather was beautiful. Definitely couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon.

Phil enjoying the roof deck 🙂

We went to an unbelievable BYOB sushi restaurant for dinner. It is called Toro. If you are in Chicago, please go eat there. And bring your own beer or wine. I promise you won’t regret it.

The next day we spent more time exploring the city and went to a zoo in the area!

The only picture of us from the whole weekend!

All of the animals at the zoo were super nappy.

nappiest lion

I think I love this city!

This weekend was so, so fun! It was an awesome way to celebrate our two year anniversary :). I can’t wait to go back to Chicago and visit again soon since I am going to be living 2.5 hours away (in 24 days)!!


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Throughout my time writing this blog I have been really bad about taking pictures to incorporate into my posts. This is something I really hope to get better at because when I read other blogs the pictures definitely drag me in and keep me a lot more interested than just reading a ton of text.

Fortunately, Phil encouraged me to take pictures for the blog throughout our time in Chicago. I did my best, but still didn’t do as good of a job as I would have liked. Must. Get. Better.

To start off our Chicago trip Phil and I had a dinner date :). We went to a place called Carnivale.

Phil’s friend (who we stayed with one night in Chicago) recommended this place to us. I sure am glad that he did! The food was delicious!!

guac for an appetizer. delicious!

Aprea-pork appetizer

Next up, entrees!

Phil ordered Costilla de Res. Which is short rib. And it was absolutely amazing.

Costilla de Res

I ordered Arrachera, which is steak with rice and beans. Again, amazing.


Carnivale is unlike any restaurant I’ve been to…partly because the food was amazing and partly because there were pictures of half-naked/topless girls all over the walls. I honestly wasn’t really paying attention and didn’t notice but obviously Phil did ;). We got over the slight uncomfortableness of these unexpected pictures and really enjoyed our time there. If you’re ever in the Chicago area I highly recommend this restaurant. The atmosphere is great with colored lights everywhere, big spacious rooms, and naked girl pictures all over the walls.

Phil and I contemplated meeting up with a friend of his after dinner. It sounded like a fun idea but after thinking it through we decided to stick in the area of our hotel and continue our date night :).

After a couple drinks we were pooped and decided to call it a night so we could rest up for Saturday!

Stay tuned for one more Chicago trip post! Then we’ll get back to current life!

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Keeping busy

Typically every time I went to visit Phil I would fly in on a Thursday night and he would always have to work on Friday’s. This left me with needing to get creative with what to do during the day. I would fill the day doing errands, planning dinner, or baking a yummy treat for Phil 🙂

This time around, I had actual things to do. Things that pertained to my move!! On Friday I had two apartment appointments scheduled. Phil had already looked at one of the apartments for me (what a nice guy :)) but while I was in the area I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see it myself. I saw two apartments during the day on Friday. One of them was an immediate no. There was no way I could ever live there. The other apartment that I saw (which Phil had previously looked at) was totally livable. I wasn’t completely crazy about it but I could definitely live there. I was told that about a dozen other people had shown interest and that it wasn’t likely that I’d get the place but I could fill out an application anyway.

At this point I was feeling a little discouraged. I really needed to find a place to live for two reasons:

  1. I don’t want to be homeless when I move there
  2. Phil’s lease is up June 30th and his new one doesn’t start until August 15th and I don’t want him to be homeless either

I was feeling pressured to find a place which made me a little moody. I made myself get over my mood quickly and told myself that I wouldn’t worry about it until Phil and I got back from Chicago!! Nothing was going to ruin this trip 🙂

Phil was going to sneak out of work an hour early so we could hit the road at 4:00. When he texted me at 1:00 and asked if I wanted to leave at 3:00 instead, I was ecstatic. I figured at this rate we might beat some of the traffic but boy was I wrong. We got to Chicago right as traffic started. The 2.5 hour drive took us over 3.5 hours. I have mentioned my love for road trips before. No matter how short or how long, I love road trips…but I like them when you’re actually moving. Being stuck in traffic brings a total different vibe to the idea of a road trip.

Once we finally arrived to our hotel, we got over our frustration and focused on our happiness and excitement to be in Chicago together for the weekend. After all, the purpose of the trip was to celebrate our “two year anniversary” so we focused on that instead which led to smiles 😀 😀

(Bare with me as I’m trying to bring you up to speed here, this is all I have in me for now)

Next up: the Chicago trip!

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Last goodbyes

The three hour layover begins now. Perfect time to get some blogging done and update you all on my weekend with Phil :). With so much time to write and even more to say, I will try and break the weekend up into a couple different posts to keep you all interested ;).

I am just going to go ahead and say that goodbyes are the WORST. Throughout the last two years our relationship has been based on getting really excited to see each other just to have it result in a goodbye a few days later. Today was the best goodbye I’ve ever had. Not to say that I still didn’t get a little teary eyed with the idea of not seeing Phil for the next three and a half weeks, but I am so thankful that we are finally putting this all to an end.

In just 25 days Phil will come to the East coast to help pack up all my belongings and drive half way across the country with me.:D While in Madison I felt so comfortable and didn’t want to leave. Over the past few weeks I have been on top of getting everything in order on the Boston end of this move (like finding someone to sublet my apartment, telling my jobs that I’m leaving, and organizing a move out date). I had been feeling a little uneasy about the Madison aspect. It is really hard to try and do things when you’re not actually in the location. I had to take this weekend to capitalize and try and accomplish something while I was there.

Phil and I started off our visit in Madison. As I explained here, Phil and I met up at the Milwaukee airport. I landed before him and was able to wait for him at the gate where our next flight was to take off. It is always so good to see his face for the first time after being apart for a few weeks. A constant smile was planted on my face the second that I saw him walking towards me. We were on the same flight back to Madison and got to sit together on the plane (awww).

Once we landed in Madison we were both starving. We decided to pick up some sandwiches on the drive home just to make things simple. There was a local place that Phil said he wanted to try.

Phil and I are total fat kids when we are together. I really don’t think about what I’m eating and say yes to anything. So, naturally after dinner we needed to get ice cream! At this point The Office was going to start in 15 minutes. We knew we needed to be quick so Phil and I hopped in the car and decided to try a place right down the road from his apartment. We arrived home with 1 minute to spare.

Thursday night TV includes:

While watching our Thursday night TV shows I enjoyed a vanilla soft serve in a cone with snickers mixed in and Phil got vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups. Unfortunately there aren’t any pictures to document the deliciousness that happened.

Before bed, Phil and I decided to watch 127 Hours.

I hadn’t heard much about this movie besides that a guy cuts his arm off. Well, if you haven’t seen it, that is exactly what happens. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really enjoyed it and am so glad that we decided to watch it! (Yes, I did hide behind Phil a few different times throughout the movie. I’m a wimp, okay?!)

At this point it was time to get some rest for the busy Friday I planned for myself while Phil had to work. Stay tuned 😉

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Hello from the airport!

I love when airports have free wi-fi! Thanks Logan! 😀

As I sit here and write this post all I notice is how badly I need to clean my computer screen. Definitely some different lighting going on at the airport than what I’m used to in my apartment. This thing is filthy!!

But anyway! The day is here!!! I am off to Wisconsin for my very last visit of my long distance relationship. I can’t wait to see Phil! 🙂 It is going to be an awesome weekend.

I have been scheduled to arrive in Madison around 6pm all along. Phil on the other hand thought he was going to be landing around 6pm when I booked my ticket but then told me later on that he actually wouldn’t be back until 11pm. Ugh!  So today he pulled some strings and called the airport to see if he can get on some sort of standby for an earlier flight….success!!  He will be landing in Madison around 6pm as well 😀 (While I’d like to think that I’m the only reason for why he wanted to get on the earlier flight…I know it’s not the case. Who wouldn’t want to leave work hours earlier!?)

So, let’s talk about traveling. First, Venti Chai Tea Latte please!

Traveling necessity

When it comes to traveling there are a few things that I’ll miss:

  • The excuse to eat airport food (the only time that I ever really eat fast food)
  • The excuse to spend 5 dollars on a coffee
  • Taking half days at work
  • People watching
  • Reading (I do the most reading when I travel. I am going to have to change this)

And a few things that I WON’T miss:

  • Delayed flights
  • Long layovers
  • Screaming kids during flights

I am thankful that I won’t have to fly half way across the country anymore to see my boyfriend.  A car? What is that? Oh, right. A normal mode of transportation that people use when they want to see each other. I can’t wait to live minutes away from Phil. It is going to be awesome!

It’s going to be time to board here in a few minutes. I am really looking forward to reading Something Borrowed during my flight. My friend Rachel just read it and said she wants to see the movie. I have a rule with books that are movies…if it is a book that I think I will want to read I can’t see the movie first. It always ruins it for me. SO Rach let me borrow the book for my trip. I better get reading so we can have a movie date next week when I’m back home 😀

p.s. I am not sure how many posts I will get in this weekend, if any. I promise a full recap after the weekend!!

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Our last visit!!!

Tonight I find myself sitting on the couch watching the Law and Order: SVU season finale, eating a hazelnut cupcake, and drinking a class of red wine all while trying to contain my excitement for tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is the last time I will ever have to go to Wisconsin to visit Phil!! The next time I see him after this weekend will be once I MOVE there to be with him! 😀 Phil and I have been doing a long distance relationship for two years now, as I went into more detail here and here. I couldn’t be more excited to finally make our relationship feel more normal. This will be my new home for an unknown amount of time…

This is the same view from Phil’s back yard at the apartment he lives in now. So pretty 🙂

While I am in Wisconsin there is a lot planned! I land tomorrow night, as does Phil. He travels for work and hopefully we will be landing in Madison around the same time! Friday Phil will have to work and I have a few appointments of my own. I have a meeting with a temp agency first thing Friday morning followed by two apartment showings. I am beyond excited to (hopefully) find a place to live while I am there. No, Phil and I aren’t going to live together…yet. I’ll get into that another day.

On Friday afternoon Phil and I are going to head to Chicago!!

Ahhhh, I am so excited!!! Look how pretty that city looks! Phil has lived within two hours of Chicago for the last two years. I have been begging him to take me forever and we are finally going! When he brought up the idea to make the trip he said we could use our “2 year anniversary” as a reason to have a nice weekend in Chicago. I put our anniversary in quotes because we don’t really have an anniversary. We just know we’ve been together around 2 years and as long as we are together, we’re happy! 😀

I could copy more pictures of Chicago off of Google images or I can post my own pictures after my visit this weekend!! I like that idea much better 🙂

I can’t believe that it is almost 11pm and I haven’t even packed yet. This is SO unlike me. I better get going…this could take a while!!

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So, what’s the point?

I thought that now would be a good time to get a little more in to why I started this blog. In my first post I briefly explained why but those weren’t the only reasons. So, here we go!

I am just going to flat out say it….I’m moving to Wisconsin!!! :D.

For those of you who know me or have been following my blog over the last few weeks know that I live in Boston but my boyfriend, Phil, lives in Wisconsin. We are finally putting our long distance relationship to an end!!

Can’t you see how excited we are?!

We really do like each other, I promise.

I couldn’t be more excited about this move! We have been in a long distance relationship for TWO years. Phil doesn’t see himself coming back to the East coast as soon as I (and everyone else!) would like him to so I am going on an adventure and moving to him! SO I figured with moving and leaving my family and friends behind (for now) that I would start a blog to capture my last weeks living in Boston and continue it during my travels and into my new life in Wisconsin! This way my family and friends will be able to know what I’m up to half way across the country. Great idea, right? 😀 Maybe I will even interest some unknown readers along the way!

Happy Thursday!


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