Starbucks outing

For three weeks now I have spent so much time here in Phil’s apartment. Alone. With just my computer and the tv.

Some days, I just need to get out. A common destination for me has been Starbucks. Yes, for the delicious drinks but also for the free wireless. And I can’t forget the pick of the week!

Thanks Starbucks for giving me free songs on iTunes. Definitely check this out if you never have before!

So back to this whole needing to get out thing.

In my life, routine is good. However, it is not so good when the routine is getting out of bed, sitting at my computer, moving to sit on the couch, back to sitting at the table with my computer, and so on. I have found that if I am here in the apartment every single day, doing the same thing, without any sort of outlet, that it just puts me in a really bad mood and makes me feel pretty worthless. So, this is why I have tried to figure out ways to get out of the apartment but still be able to do what is number one on the to do list every day: apply for jobs.

I have found Starbucks to be a great place to go. It is a change of scenery, a good place for people watching, it has AC (which we don’t have in Phil’s apartment) and it offers me free wireless so I can apply for jobs. It also provides me with a push of motivation that the apartment doesn’t offer me on most days. And it doesn’t allow me to sit on the couch and get sucked into HGTV shows for hours on end (guilty pleasure).

So with that being said, today is a Starbucks kind of day. Let’s hope my little table in the corner is open when I get there! 🙂


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