Let me get into a little more detail about who I am and what the deal is over here!

My name is Hannah and I just recently moved from the amazing city of Boston to Madison, Wisconsin. Pretty big change, huh!? The biggest reason for starting this blog was to track my journey and to be able to keep family and friends updated on my life. So far, so good! 🙂

Let’s get into specific details. My boyfriend Phil and I had been in a long distance relationship for two years. We decided that it is time to actually be together. Time for us to have a real relationship. After talking about this for months and months, I finally made the move! And I must say that I couldn’t be happier.

By the looks of it so far you probably think the focus of the blog is on my relationship. Well, this isn’t the case! While I will talk about Phil and our relationship, I will also talk about other things that I love. For example, food, exercise, and the relationships that I have with the people in my life. If you don’t see this blog as a total bore, then hopefully you will stick around! See how my life unfolds. 🙂

You can read more about me here. Enjoy!


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my site today! So crazy how much we have in common (long distance relationship, 2 years, moving soon to be with the Boys, NYC anniversary trips!) Man, I feel like we should be friends! 🙂 So glad you found my blog. I’m going to link up to yours as well!
    Happy Wednesday!

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