Struggles With Half Marathon Training

I signed up for the Rock N’ Roll half marathon in New Orleans months ago. The only thing that crossed my mind when registering was that I was going to be able to see 4 of my friends from Boston and that the weather in the beginning of March in NOLA would be good for running.

What I didn’t consider:

  • the weather in Wisconsin during the winter. it is COLD. training on a treadmill is the worst.
  • training would take place during the holidays when i would be traveling a ton.
  • i work two jobs. one full time job and one job three nights a week.

What I didn’t anticipate:

  • getting sick for two weeks
  • hurting my foot because i’m an idiot

Therefore, training for this half marathon has been basically non existent and I am terrified about this race.

I am crossing my fingers that my foot feels better in the next few days (basically something is wrong with my pinky toe, which led me to walking on the inside of my foot awkwardly for a 5 hour serving shift. yes, i completely caused this injury myself and i’m pissed about it). If all goes as planned, that leaves me 4 weeks to be able to run 13 miles.  AH!

Happy weekend!


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