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Studio Living

Is the apartment I currently live in my dream apartment? No. Not at all. Especially after being in Boston this past weekend and seeing two of my friends “grown up” condo that they just bought (yes, bought. not rent). It is decorated beautifully and it makes me super jealous. But for now, my little studio apartment is perfect for me.

One of the best things about living in a studio style apartment (besides not having a huge space to clean) is that I can watch my nightly TV shows while still doing other things around the apartment. Last night my to-do list was out of control. In my old apartment I would have avoided my to-do list and plopped on the couch to enjoy a night of TV. Not anymore!

A few things on the list were to clean the kitchen, unpack from my trip to Boston, apply for jobs, and blog. All of these things were able to be done while enjoying suffering through the Red Sox game (I don’t want to talk about it. And to make it even better, Phil is a Yankees fan. over it). Since I live in Wisconsin it is legal to cheer for the Brewers in the post season, right?

Once I finish all of the final touches in my apartment (and it is spotless) I will share pictures on the good ol’ blog. But I’d say all in all, this studio style living is a win!


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Fall Favorites

I love autumn for so many different reasons.







Pumpkin Spice Lattes


Pumpkin Beer


But one of the best things of all is that all of my show’s are back on!!! I have my classic favorites (Modern Family, The Office, Gossip Girl, Dexter, and the list goes on) but am also excited to watch a number of new shows this fall. Modern Family tonight will kick off the fall TV addiction.

Aside from all of my fall favorites right now, my most favorite thing of all is that I’m going to BOSTON this weekend!!! The excitement I am feeling deserves a post of its own. Stay tuned!

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Confession: I am addicted to Glee and it is taking over my life.

I started watching Glee to keep myself entertained while I was unemployed. My addiction has continued and the last two nights I have spent my time watching too much Glee. The good news is that I have two episodes left on watch now on Netflix so I will be putting myself through withdrawal starting tomorrow.

Okay, okay, so I am being pretty dramatic. But I do have a new found love for Glee! Gleek alert!

Day two of work went well. And by well I am it was really boring and I hope tomorrow is a lot different than today. I have to keep reminding myself that this job is temporary and that I need to stick with it until I find a permanent position. If anything this temp job is giving me more motivation to take time to apply for jobs tonight…and every night from this point on.

Let’s talk dinner.

Ever since I woke up this morning I wanted an omelet. I opted for an easy breakfast (english muffin with pb) and told myself an omelet was in order for dinner.

I love breakfast for dinner!

Omelet with a blend of cheeses and Trader Joe’s salsa (we’ll talk about this amazing salsa another day).

And for dessert…

I had one too many of these. Can’t go wrong with an oreo and pb!

Time to zone in and apply for jobs! Have a good Wednesday night everyone!

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Guilty Pleasure

I have now been living in Wisconsin for a week and one day! So far, so good. 🙂

Phil and I had a great weekend at the lake. We had the opportunity to ride on a jet boat and a jet ski. It was so awesome to spend the weekend outside in a beautiful location. The night ended with a bonfire.

The next two pictures are from the same sunset. So beautiful.

There’s nothing like a summer bonfire to end a great day.

Taking picture of fire never works out but you can kind of see how the fire is different colors. Secret: add Christmas lights to the fire to see some crazy cool colored fire!

Phil and I have seen each other every day since I moved here. It has been awesome considering the long distance relationship we just went through.

As I may or may not have mentioned, Phil travels for work. When he travels he is gone for part of the week.  It is weird being in his apartment without him here! I keep telling myself its only three sleeps and then he will be back again. Shortest time apart, ever. 🙂

And with Phil gone I get to pick what goes on the TV! Which means tonight I tuned into The Bachelorette and Home Makeover, Weight Loss Edition. I always get sucked into weight loss shows. They are just so inspiring!!

I just found a little Cake Boss marathon that is on. Definitely going to tune into a few of these before bed. 🙂 Night everyone!

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