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Colorado Recap

A little delay with a recap from my mini vacation over President’s Day weekend.

I really love long weekends. I love them even more when I get to spend them doing fun things with fun people.

My long weekend was spent in Silverthorne, Colorado. Phil and I met a few of our friends from Chicago out in Colorado to spend the weekend skiing. We skied Keystone Mountain and Copper Mountain as a group.

All of us at Keystone

Heading for the bowls at Keystone

Of course breaks throughout the day are necessary. Pretty sure we have all of the essentials here!

The views are just beautiful. I love Colorado.

View from Copper Mountain

On the last day of the trip, Jess and I opted out of skiing due to our hurting shins. We completely blame the poor quality of the ski boots we rented for the pain we were feeling. The guys tackled Vail for the last day of the trip while Jess and I did a little shopping and pampered ourselves with a mani/pedi.

The weekend was a blast! Colorado hasn’t had much snow this winter so the conditions definitely could have been better, but all other aspects of the trip were great. Before the weekend was even over we decided that this will be a yearly trip and each year we will tackle a new location. Can’t wait for ski trip 2013!


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To Colorado We Go!

Being from Maine, I know what winter is all about. Growing up, nor’easter was a common word in my vocabulary.

When I moved to Wisconsin I was told the winters here are worse. I heard horror stories of endless snow storms and temps way to far below zero.
I was expecting my first Wisconsin winter to be cold. And snowy. And miserable. But is has actually been pretty tolerable.
1 snow storm + a few cold days = not too bad!
(I am totally jinxing myself)

This weekend I am off to another snowy place with Phil and a few friends. Colorado here we come!

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