The Life of a Temp

Life has been so busy lately.

I picked up a waitressing job, that I love.

Which means I have been working two jobs.

And I am transitioning from one temp job to a new temp job.

A lot of changes have been happening in my life, changes for the better.

As I have talked about in the past, I have had a hard time finding a job and I currently am working in a temp position that I haven’t liked since the beginning. It isn’t a position that engages me, at all. Most days are just downright boring and I watch the clock until it strikes 4:00.

I have put myself out there for so many different opportunities and nothing ever worked out. Until now.

I was contacted by another temp agency saying they found my resume online and had a position I might be interested in. I really didn’t want to work with another temp agency but considering my feelings about my current temp position, I couldn’t say no. I went through the interview process and came out on top! I got a new temp job, woop woop! I start tomorrow and am pretty excited!

The life of a temp is nothing glamorous. There is a lot of insecurity. You are literally the lowest man on the totem poll. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. And for now, this is it!

Oh, and did I mention it’s SNOWING here in Madison today?!

Wasn’t expecting that. Not ready for it at all!!


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One response to “The Life of a Temp

  1. Raye

    Good Luck on your first day today!

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