Another Race!

I am ecstatic to say that I just recently signed up for my third race!! (Click to read about my first race and my second race).

This isn’t just any race. It is a race that is put on in many locations all over the country. Yes, I signed up to run a Rock ‘N’ Roll half marathon!! In New Orleans!!

Two weeks ago my friend Jess emailed our group of UNH girls and suggested the idea of signing up for the Rock ‘N’ Roll half marathon in New Orleans and staying a few extra days to celebrate her 25th birthday. I didn’t even hesitate. My answer immediately was yes. I have been dying to run one of these races. Add 5 of my best friends from UNH/Boston plus a birthday celebration plus New Orleans and I’d say we have ourselves a crazy weekend in our future. I wish the race was sooner!!

Here a few pictures of the six of us from the past. 🙂

Cinco de Mayo senior year of college

Halloween 2010

Christmas party 2010

My going away party in Boston before I moved to Wisconsin

I love these girls and miss them so much!! I am so happy that I have this weekend to look forward…even if it isn’t until March!! 😀


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