Second Road Race: Complete!

Yesterday I completed my second road race! My first race was a half marathon in Boston and this race was a 15k around Madison.

My friend Carley and I signed up for the race a few weeks ago. When I woke up on Sunday morning and saw that it was 33 degrees out the last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed and run 9.3 miles. Alas, I rolled out of bed and put on my running clothes and headed out the door.

I wasn’t sure what the race was going to be like. It ended up only being maybe 150-200 people. Everything was extremely unorganized compared to when I ran my half marathon. Let me paint a picture for you…

  • no one knew where the start line was
  • the start line was at the back stop of a softball diamond and they drew the start line in the sand
  • part of the course was across the outfield of the softball field
  • the course wasn’t marked very well and almost all of the runners ran an extra 1/2 mile
  • there wasn’t any water post race

Ultimately, we finished the race and felt good about it. 9.8 miles is more than we expected to run, but we made it!

I will leave you with a few pictures from after the race, along with the goodies.

By the end of the race it was almost 50 degrees. Glad we worse short sleeves under our other clothes!

Post race food. Carbs, fruit, and as many power bars as I could grab. Along with some gel stuff that I have never tried, but will now that I have it for free!

No t-shirt to remember the race by, instead we got a headband. I suppose this will come in handy for any outdoor runs this winter!

Last but not least, post race drinks. Well deserved. Bloody Mary for Carley, mimosa for me.

Oh and you can’t forget the cheese curds. So Wisconsin of us. 😉


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