Daily Mile

I don’t consistently blog about my daily work outs. When there is something new or exciting to share then I post it, but do you really want to hear day in and day out that I ran X amount of miles on a treadmill? I didn’t think so.

I do, however, personally like to know how much I run each day and week. I have been using a website called Daily Mile for a few weeks now. I really love it! It keeps a log of the amount of miles you ran (walked/biked/swam/etc) per day/week/month and it gives you an estimate of how many calories you burned during that work out based on your weight and the amount of time it takes you to complete the work out you logged. Does that make sense?

You can also map out runs before or after you’ve completed them (kind of like the website mapmyrun, but I personally find dailymile to be much better)! You can then make these routes public or private to the other people on the website.

Another thing that is cool about the website is it has a place where you can leave comments about your work out day to day. You can also rate how you felt during the work out by choosing one of six different emoticons.

Check out www.dailymile.com and create an account! It is super easy to use and an easy way to keep yourself motivated as well as set personal goals! Find me and follow my daily miles. 🙂


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