Baby Proof

Traveling stinks sometimes, but lucky for me my most recent trip back to Boston went very smoothly. On top of smooth travels, I was also able to finish a book!

I have now read all of Emily Giffin’s books. I read Love The One You’re With first…probably over a year ago. I almost want to go back and read it again since it is the most recent book that she wrote. In all of the other books the characters overlap so I am sure that some characters I recently read about are in Love The One You’re With too…but I couldn’t tell ya!

Something Borrowed and Something Blue were read back to back. I wanted to read Baby Proof next but it wasn’t available at the library at the time. I skipped head to Heart of the Matter. I wish I was able to read them in order just to understand all of the characters better but you definitely don’t need to read them in order.

I am not one to give a book review, but I will say that I liked Baby Proof the best. Maybe that is because it is the one that is most fresh in my mind but overall I really loved the story in this book and loved the characters. Do you ever read a book and wish there was a next book to tell more about the characters lives? That is how I feel about this book. Even though the book is done, I find myself still wondering about the characters. Is that weird? Maybe that is weird.

If you are in to scandalous love stories then I definitely recommend all of Emily Giffin’s books!


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