Get Me To The Gym

I love when I am on a work out kick. It makes me feel good physically and mentally.

After work today I was excited to hit the gym. I love going to the gym with a positive attitude. It always makes my work out so much better!

Today my work out looked like this:

30 Minute Treadmill Work Out

  • 0-10 minutes: 7.0 pace to start, increasing .1 every minute
  • 10-20 minutes: at 10 minutes, decrease to a 7.1 pace, increasing .1 every minute
  • 20-30 minutes: at 20 minutes, decrease to 7.5 pace, increasing .1 every minute

I have done this work out three of the last five days and let me tell you, my legs are feelin’ it and I’m lovin’ it! In addition to the treadmill work out I also completed this arm work out from last week.

Tonight has been spent with Phil (:D) doing endless amounts of laundry, eating a “surprise” dinner, and watching Modern Family. Check ya later!


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