The blog is back

After an unintentional month long hiatus from blogging, I have decided to get back in to it. About a month ago I began to get very overwhelmed with all of the day to day things that I needed to tackle.  I am still feeling a lot of those pressure but over the last couple of days have been thinking about my blog/blogging again. Just this morning, Phil asked me if I was still blogging. When I told him I didn’t have the time lately he encouraged me to keep it up because he knows I really enjoy it.

So! Between me thinking about it lately and Phil encouraging me to start posting again, here I am.

If you have been following my blog all along then you will probably notice a few changes around here. Nothing is set in stone yet but I have been playing around with different color schemes and layouts and hopefully will stick with one soon. But until then, expect for it to change pretty often.

As far as a blogging schedule goes I am not sure that I will have one. One of the reasons I gave it up for the past month is because I put pressure on myself to blog daily. This is because the other successful blogs that I read on a daily basis post multiple times a day (3-4 times!). I am just not cut out for that at this point in time and have realized that it is okay. If I don’t blog for a day or two in a row then that is fine with me! 🙂

For now I am feeling motivated to keep playing around with different styles/colors/layouts on the good ol’ blog over here. Have a good end to the long weekend everyone!


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One response to “The blog is back

  1. Raye

    So glad you’re back!!!

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