Yesterday I talked myself into going to the gym after work despite my phone dying during the day which meant I wouldn’t have any music to listen to while trekking away on the treadmill. I convinced myself that I would be happier if I went, even if it was just to run two miles. Anything is better than nothing!

There is nothing worse than having to listen to all of the gym noises during a run. Without music not only did I have to listen to myself breathe heavy but I also couldn’t ignore my treadmill neighbors heavy breathing, the faint gym music in the background, weights dropping all over the place, the noise of the treadmill belt moving round and round, and an occasional grunt from other members.

This mornings run was just the opposite of my not-so-great-music-less treadmill run yesterday. I set the alarm last night for 6:15am so I could get a run in before work today. It is unlike me to start my day with a work out, but with plans to join a friend and her coworker for happy hour today I knew I needed to run this morning if I was going to at all. After hitting snooze once, I wasn’t sure if I would feel like getting up when the alarm went off again. When my alarm went off a second time I hopped out of bed, knowing I’d be mad at myself if I chose to sleep another 45 mins over going for a run.

Unlike yesterday, this morning I chose to run without music. The thought of the Lady Gaga or Black Eyed Peas Pandora station blasting in my ear at 6:30am just wasn’t appealing.

Running outside early in the morning with no music is so peaceful. This morning I didn’t mind hearing my heavy breathing and enjoyed the sounds of nature as I completed 3 miles.

Something else I love is how peaceful the lake looks early in the morning.

Great way to start the day! 🙂

Now I find myself at work. And my day looks a lot like this….

Is it 4:30 yet?! TGIF! Happy Friday!!


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