As I sit here and dunk oreos in milk I realize that I never posted the post I wrote to be posted today. Got that?

Things got busy after work…because it was moving day!! (again!) 🙂

So, here are my thoughts from this afternoon. I will get this blog back up and runnin just as soon as I can!

My apologies for being MIA for the last couple of days. With starting a job last week I found myself with a lot less free time to be able to spend blogging etc. And I have come to discover that weekend blogging just isn’t for me. I would rather spend my weekends hanging out with Phil, getting out of the apartment to be active, staying off the computer as much as possible, exploring Madison, and meeting new people. 🙂 That all sounds like a lot more fun, dontcha think?!
This weekend went by way too fast. During the week I love having plans to look forward to on the weekend but it seems as though weekends filled with plans go by so much faster than a weekend spent relaxing and being lazy.
Here is a little weekend recap for ya:
Home made dinner date with Phil
Movie night which turned into falling asleep earlier than expected night.
Saturday: Relaxing morning
Gym session
Phil helped his friend move which left me doing 5 loads of laundry (I don’t know why I always wait that long to do laundry), sun bathing, and reading.
Sushi dinner
Drinks with Phil
Met up with people for a going away celebration for one of Phil’s friends
Sunday: French toast breakfast, finished watching Hall Pass since we fell asleep during it Friday night
Driving range date with Phil 🙂
Went out to lunch
Lazy afternoon
Cooled off in the lake
Dinner date with Phil
Job application stuff
Finished the mini series The Pacific
Now here I am, mid day on Monday, at my extremely boring temp job, trying to keep myself entertained. I don’t know how much longer I can take it, haha. Day 5 and it hasn’t gotten any better. I am staying hopeful and keep reminding myself that at least I am getting paid for being put through extreme boredom.
On another note…today is moving day!! I am really excited about my new apartment and can’t wait to get it all set up. I have to pick up my key during my lunch break and am pretty sure it is going to be hard to convince myself to come back for the afternoon. We will see what happens. 😉
(Well, I can tell you that I’m not as big of a rebel as I make myself out to be and I quickly rushed back to work as soon as I picked up my apartment key. As of now, I am all moved in…thanks to the help of my wonderful boyfriend. 🙂 I am excited to take this week to set everything up. More details and pictures to come soon!)

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