Mission Complete

Mission stay out of the AC-less apartment was a success!

I went to the temp agency to fill out some paperwork for the job they placed me in. They then sent me somewhere for a drug test. I had never been drug tested before, but I knew I’d just have to pee in a cup. Let’s just say, I was a little dehydrated.

After my appointment I laid my eyes upon a grocery store, an Old Navy, and a Target. Win!

When it gets really hot out, as it has been, I tend to not really get hungry. I realized I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and with it being 1:30 I figured I’d run into the grocery store and grab something to eat since I forgot to bring food with me.

The fruit greeted me as I walked in the store. Sold. I roamed around the grocery store a bit more and enjoyed the AC.

I walked out of the store with a plum and a Lara Bar. (I fell in love with these when I ran my half marathon).

After refueling I browsed around Old Navy and walked out with a new white tank top, a cute blue dress, and plum colored shorts. Maybe one day I will start incorporating clothing into my blog, but today is not the day.

Next AC destination: the gym.

I started out with 2 sets of 25 side bends. I also have a favorite ab machine at the gym. I am not sure what to call it, but I did 3 sets of 15 reps on that.

For cardio I started out with 10 minutes on the stair master. To follow, I hopped on a treadmill. The plan was to run 3 miles. 3 miles later I was still feeling good and ran one more. I ended the work out with walking a mile at a 4.5 pace and then a quarter of a mile for a cool down.

It felt so great to be out of the apartment all day today. I really can’t wait to start working and get into a routine.

Tuesday is coming to an end. Looks like a night on the couch with HGTV and Bossypants. 🙂


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