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Over the weekend my goal is to make some changes to my blog. For example, I really want to change the title.

I had thought about creating a blog for a while and one day I just needed to do it. I didn’t brainstorm very much about what a good title might be and I really don’t like the title that my blog currently has.  For any readers out there, be aware of the potential change! I also want to make my blog less boring. I do want to keep things clean on the blog but right now everything is a little boring to me. My goal is to change some stuff around and even add a few new pages to help organize everything better!

Happy Friday everyone!! I am so excited it is the weekend. Yes, even the unemployed get excited for the weekend. The weekend means that Phil is around to hang out with! And it means that I don’t feel guilty when I’m not applying for jobs! Woohoo.



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