Wants and needs

Another day has come to an end. And big surprise, it was a lot like yesterday. Today was spent applying for jobs and experiencing extreme boredom. Not only do I want a job for the money but I need a job to keep myself sane. Seriously.

I need a job and I need friends. If I can’t have both right now, I at least want one of them. I am having a hard time finding both. Sigh.

Ultimately a job will happen when it happens. All I can do is keep applying for jobs. Once I hit send on the online application, it is out of my hands. When it comes to friends, I just really need to find ways to put myself out there. I thought that once I got a job it would open a door and give me an opportunity to makes friends with coworkers. I am tired of waiting. I need to do something about this asap.

Anyone out there from the Madison area? Or does anyone know anyone in the area? (Yes, this is me begging)

As for tonight I plan to keep myself busy by making homemade drumsticks (the delicious ice cream cones, not actual drumsticks) that I found on Cupcakes and Cashmere (I think Phil will appreciate these :)). My nails could use some attention and The King’s Speech came in the mail today from Netflix.

Have a good evening everyone!


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  1. Raye

    How did the drumsticks turn out?

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