My apologies for the pity party I threw for myself earlier today. I still want and need both of the things I was complaining about but I’m feeling much better about myself after an amazing work out.

I was moping around the apartment feeling sorry for myself and knew I needed to get out of the mood I was in. I checked my gym’s website to see how late they were open. Well my amazing gym that I just joined yesterday is even more amazing than I thought. It is open 24 hours a day. Can you believe it?! I know, I can’t either! Considering my gym prior to this one was a piece of crap, closed at 9pm and only open until 3pm on weekends, anything was an upgrade.

I got to the gym anticipating a bad work out since I was in a bad mood. Well, did I prove myself wrong. I hopped on the treadmill and got to work. I made up a work out as I went and it looked like this:

  • .25 at 4.0
  • .25 at 7.0
  • .25 at 4.1
  • .50 at 7.1-7.2 (increase after .25)
  • .25 at 4.2
  • .75 at 7.3-7.5 (increase every .25)
  • .25 at 4.3
  • 1.00 at 7.6-7.9 (increase every .25)
  • .25 at 4.4
  • .75 at 8.0-8.2 (increase every .25)
  • .25 at 4.5
  • .50 at 8.3-8.4 (increase after .25)
  • .25 at 4.6
  • .25 at 8.5
  • .25 at 4.0

Does that make sense? If you don’t follow me, then let me know and I’ll try and explain better. It was an awesome work out. It ended up being 6 miles and took a little less than an hour. I hopped off the treadmill feeling refreshed and free of my bad mood. Thanks, endorphins! 🙂

Now I don’t feel bad about being lazy the rest of the night. Time for The King’s Speech. Night everyone!


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