Gym rat

I am happy to say that I have officially signed up for a gym membership here in Wisconsin!! 😀 😀

I have been debating over the last three weeks about whether or not I wanted to sign up for a membership. I told myself that I could spend the summer and most of the fall running outside. I also didn’t want to commit to paying $50 a month for a membership when I didn’t know what my future holds when it comes to a job. I thought to myself, what if I get a job with a good gym discount or if there is a gym on sight? I wouldn’t want to be committed to paying $50 a month for a membership that I didn’t end up using. Well, this problem was solved when Phil received an email from the gym that he is a member at. The email said that he could refer people to sign up at the gym during the month of July and they would be able to get his discounted price (he gets a really good deal through is company).

So, without hesitation, Phil and I headed to the gym yesterday to sign me up! I will happily be paying $25 a month for my membership. The gym is honestly amazing. I am afraid that my unemployment will result in me spending too much time there. I mean, I guess there are worse places I could spend my time but I don’t want to become a gym rat. 😉

I worked out at my amazing new gym for the first time today. Yes, I’m obsessed and I can’t wait to go back tomorrow. After a great work out I came back to the apartment and had a little something to eat.

I’ve been loving my MultiGrain Cheerios lately. I decided to add in half a banana and have some watermelon on the side. Nom, nom, nom.

Time to hop in the shower and head to Starbucks as planned! Have a good afternoon everyone!


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