Perfect sandwich

It sure gets hot here in Wisconsin! Who woulda thunk it. 😉

Today was filled with lots of running around. I saw a few more apartments (that I didn’t like) and think that I have finally made a decision on where I would like to live once Phil and I are done pretend living with each other. Hopefully it all works out!

Lets talk dinner. Like I said before, it has been crazy hot here in Wisco. That means I refuse to turn on the oven. Okay, lets be honest. Even if it wasn’t as hot as it has been, I rarely use the oven to make meals.

So, I kept it simple tonight.

I have always been obsessed with tomato, mozzarella and basil sandwiches. Throw that on a bagel and make it into a panini, perfect.

Not gonna lie, I want another one. But I will have some self control and have 10 a few freeze pops instead!

Monday night = bachelorette & extreme make over, weight loss edition. You should definitely tune in!


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