Something Blue

As another weekend comes to an end I find myself on the couch sucked into HGTV. I am obsessed with just about every show on this channel.

It is a not so nice day out there. It is very humid and already rained once. I could totally go for a thunderstorm to break the heat, so let’s cross our fingers!

There are a couple things on the agenda for today. But first, let’s talk books.

A few weeks ago I finished Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. I enjoyed the book for a few reasons, but mainly because it was a quick read. Once I was done I knew right away that I wanted to read the next book, Something Blue.

I just finished it up a few days ago and I liked it just as much as the first book. Love The One You’re With is another book by Emily Giffin that I read a long time ago. At this point I’d say the next book on my easyreadsappylovestory list would be Baby Proof  by Emily Giffin. I am pretty cheap when it comes to buying books so I recently went to the local library to get a library card. They said they were going to mail it to me and I still haven’t received it yet. 😦

In the meantime, Phil let me buy a book on his Kindle. Well, like I said I’m cheap about buy books so Phil bought it because he might want to read it too.

I think he was just trying to be super nice because he left for the day to go golfing and didn’t want me to be totally bored sitting around here without him.

Time to park in on the couch in front of a fan and get my read on.



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2 responses to “Something Blue

  1. I loved Bossypants! I laughed out loud and got weird looks from whomever was around me the whole time and I did not care.

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