Job struggles

Applying for jobs is tough work. It takes a lot of time and effort. I have been applying for jobs for multiple hours every single day since the day I’ve moved here, minus weekends of course. I have had a ton of rejection emails saying that they have found a more qualified candidate. Okay, fine. I can take it. I’ll just keep applying for jobs until someone likes me enough to call me in for an interview.

Then, there are the interviews. Some have gone great and others have gone terribly. It hurts the most when you think that the interview went great and then find out that they didn’t like you as much as you thought they did.

SO with all of that being said, it has been a rough couple of weeks. Still no sign of a job. Ugh.

Rejection is something really hard to deal with. I know that it is part of the whole process but when you are trying so hard and all you get is rejection it is really hard to take. It has made me feel really not good enough at times. Ultimately I know this isn’t the case but every once in a while it is too much and that is when break downs can happen. This week was a particularly rough one. I was feeling good about interviews and my job search and then it all just came crashing down when the outcome of an interview wasn’t what I was expecting.

Clearly Phil gets most of my complaining so he immediately got a text when the break down started. He was traveling this week so he was traveling home when I was throwing my negativity at him. I’m sure he was really excited to come home. 😉

After a work out I calmed down and convinced myself that tomorrow is a new day and I need to move forward. Two things really turned the day around at this point. 1. Seeing Phil standing there at the airport waiting for me to pick him up. 2. The box of chocolates Phil picked up for me during his travel home because he knew I was having a rough week. 😀

What a great guy! 🙂 Rough week behind me. Yummy chocolates in my belly. Fun weekend ahead! Have a good one! 😀


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