4th of July weekend recap!

Since it has been about a week since my last post, I will just update you real quick sparing any real specific details. I don’t know how some of you bloggers do it with the whole blogging every day and some of you 3 or 4 times a day. I just don’t find the time for it. I’ve been so busy applying for jobs and looking for apartments that whenever I have free time  I’ve been really living in the moment and taking everything in. Being away from my computer for a long weekend was very refreshing. But anyway, here is a nice little recap of the last week.

4th of July weekend happened. Phil’s parents came from out of town to visit us for the weekend. It was awesome having them here. They really wanted to see and do everything while they were here which was awesome because with being new to the area I was able to see and do things that I haven’t done yet!

To sum it up, there were a lot of fireworks. A lot of food, both grilling and eating out. There was a 13 mile bike ride around one of the lakes in Madison which brought us to a botanical garden. We went to the farmers market. And we saw multiple beautiful sunsets! (Phil has most of the pictures from the weekend. I left my phone and camera at home almost the whole weekend so he was in charge. I’ll work on getting some up :)).

view from Phil's backyard of a pretty sunset over downtown!

sunset over the lake where we watched the 4th of July fireworks!

It really was a great and beautiful weekend. Phil’s parents took off on Tuesday, as did Phil. Once they all left I knew it was time to get back to my full time job of applying for jobs. This week I tried to break it up with apartment hunting and also had a few interviews thrown into the mix. We will see what happens!

Time for me to skedaddle out of the apartment for a bit while Phil’s apartment gets shown. I think I will be a super nice girlfriend and get some grocery shopping done. 🙂


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