Lack of an ocean breeze

Wow. I am really missing that ocean breeze today. It’s currently 86 degrees and the high for today is 97. Oof. To make it even better, Phil isn’t allowed to have an AC in his apartment. It could be a rough weekend if the heat keeps up.

This meant I kept lunch simple. I have been obsessed with PB&J’s lately. They have never tasted so good. Along side my sammy I had a glass of iced coffee that I brewed up yesterday. Mmm, mmm good!

But on the brighter side of things…it is a long weekend! And Phil’s parents are coming in to town tonight! We have a fun filled weekend planned which of course will involve BBQing, fireworks, and trying to stay cool. We are also going to bring his parents to the huge farmers market that takes place in downtown Madison every Saturday. Phil brought me to the farmers market during one of my visits over the last year and I loved it! I anticipate a ridiculous crowd but it will be worth it!

Phil and I decided it’s too hot to even be in this apartment tonight. We have plans to grab a bite to eat once he gets home from work and then see an early movie (mainly just to enjoy the AC) before his parents arrive tonight. I think we will see Super 8….unless I can convince Phil to see Bad Teacher (yes, I want to see it). 🙂

With lack of better things to do, I told Phil I’d take time today to clean up the apartment and get other things done around here in preparation for his parents visit. I’ve put a pretty big dent in my list at this point and think I deserve to take a break to lay in the backyard, enjoy the sun, and finish my book! Don’t you agree?! 😉

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!!!


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  1. So jealous if you go see Bad Teacher, I have not been able to get my friends together for it and I just feel like Cameron Diaz does everything I want to/catch myself almost doing in that movie. Either way you’ll have to let us know what you think of whatever you see!

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