Bad run

There is only one word that can properly describe my run this morning.


I tend to be more of an afternoon/evening runner. It allows me to fuel my body throughout the day. When I woke up this morning I saw that the high for today is 86…how unappealing for running. The current temp was 7o degrees…much more tolerable.

I convinced myself that running this morning would be better than running this afternoon. Wrong. My legs felt tired and lazy the whole time. I ran 2 miles less than I had planned on. I was having a hard time controlling my breathing and couldn’t catch my breath which resulted in walking for most of my planned on run. Ugh. Nothing worse than a bad work out.

Now that I got that out, time to get on with the day.

Breakfast is going to look a lot like yesterday’s breakfast, only this time I think I’ll add a banana into the bowl.

After breakfast I plan to head out on a mission to get Phil some curtains for his bedroom. There are two reasons for this.

1. See below.

Windows look so much better when they have curtains on them.

2. His room is SO bright in the morning. Unemployed me would like to sleep in past 7:30. And even once I get a job, sleeping in on the weekends will be nice. I think he’ll appreciate the curtains too. 🙂

Happy Thursday everyone. Long weekend approaching! (Yes, even the unemployed look forward to long weekends)


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