Summertime, and the livin’s easy

When I was relaxing in the backyard this afternoon I got to hang out with these guys…

Yeah, we had a great time.

I mentioned yesterday that I made a trip to Target. I walked out of there with a few items I needed as well as a few things that I bought on a whim. One item being this new nail polish.

Yes, that is Justin Bieber. No, I didn’t buy the polish just because there was a tag with his face on it. Even though that could probably be argued.

The real reason that I bought this polish is because I have been seeing all over blogs and in magazines lately that people have been putting sparkles over their base coat polish. I decided that I needed to give it a try. While soaking up the sun today, I decided to paint my nails and give it a go!

I am not sure what to make of it yet. Some nails look better than others based on the amount of sparkles that were on the brush. I’ll make up my mind about these nails later.

For dinner tonight I kept it simple. I threw some tortilla’s and cheese on my quesadilla maker and voila, dinner!

Obviously this ‘dilla was followed by five a few Chips Ahoy cookies. (I had to finish off the package. I was sick of having them around the apartment and I couldn’t just throw them away!!) 😉

Now its time to relax and enjoy the rest of The Voice. I like all of the finalists. I can’t pick who I want to win!! Also, I’m looking forward to a skype date with my two old roomies later tonight!! 😀 Have a good night everyone!


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