Starting the day

It’s another gorgeous day here in Madison! I wanna quickly get a post under my belt so I can get my day started! 🙂

My to-d0 list is rather long today. I live by lists. Being unemployed for the time being I have found making lists make the days go by faster and make me feel a little less lazy. Yeah, sure, maybe I should just eat this all up and enjoy my time off and soak up the sun all day every day…but to be honest, I feel like a waste if I do that. I need to keep busy in order to feel good about myself. Lists help with that!

Breakfast this morning was super quick and easy.

You can never go wrong with a bowl of cereal! I have been absolutely loving MultiGrain Cheerios lately. They are so delicious! And another plus with a bowl of cereal is that I get a little bit of milk thrown into my diet. I am not one to have a glass of milk with dinner (obviously I prefer wine :)), so I have been trying to incorporate it into my diet in other ways. Bowl of cereal: delicious and nutritious! 😉

Now that I’m fueled up and ready to go it’s time to get crackin’ on this to-do list. Check ya later!


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