Unexpected shopping and good eats!

Today after my aggravating interview experience I was pleasantly surprised to walk out of the building and be surrounded by a brand new shopping area. I couldn’t help but do a little browsing. I mean, of course I should go shopping and spend money when I don’t have a job. That is the smartest idea, ever! 😉

I arrived home with a few purchases…all things that I need. That makes it okay, right?

I desperately needed a new pair of black pumps. Check!

I decided to pop into Marshalls as well. When I ran my half marathon I bought a new pair of shorts from Marshalls that I absolutely love. When I walked in the door today the same shorts were on the rack right inside the door. I had to buy a second pair. And they were only 10 bucks! Can’t go wrong!

My third and final stop of the morning was to Target. Phil and I always joke that we can’t go into WalMart or Target without spending a good chunk of change. I proved this to be true again!

Let’s jump to dinner. I love that target has groceries. I went to target for cleaning and kitchen supplies but I obviously couldn’t stay away from the food section. I tried to keep my purchases to a minimum since Phil and I already have food in the apartment from a previous grocery store trip. One thing I let myself buy is corn for dinner. It was a whoppin’ $.20. Heeeey big spendaaaa.

My dinner looked a little something like this:

Corn on the cob and a BBQ chicken sammy with cheddar cheese and onions. Mmmm yum!

Time to go use one of my Target purchases. Any guesses? I’ll share with you all later. 🙂


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  1. jodie

    looks yummy…….

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