Moving day!

The day finally came and went! On Saturday we all got up early, stopped for breakfast at a local bakery near my house, and hit the road! First stop: Boston. My parents accompanied me and Phil to Boston to help move me out of the apartment! When we arrived we picked up the moving truck and got right to work. I had packed up my apartment before leaving for Maine a few days earlier. My room looked a little something like this…

With the help of my roommates, the 6 of us loaded up the truck pretty quickly! Before I knew it I was saying goodbye to my parents and my friends I had lived with for the last year and a half. I hate goodbyes which is why I made them as quick as possible.

It was time to start driving! Phil was a really great copilot. 😉

Our destination for the night as Cleveland. We booked at hotel there so we had to make it that far. When we were driving through Buffalo we saw signs for Niagara Falls. When I road tripped with Phil during his move to IL for grad school we took the same route and almost made a pit stop in Niagara Falls. We decided against it during that trip but this time around we went for it. I had never been and we figured we’d be a little spontaneous.

Very pretty 🙂 Definitely added quite a bit of time on to our journey but it was worth it. Who knows when I’d ever go to Niagara Falls! Now I’ve been!


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  1. Good for you having some spontaneity! It’s probably going to be the name of the game now that you’re somewhere new! You’ll have to post some pics once you make your new place home!

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