Yay Bruins!!

39 years later, the Bruins win again!!!! (In case you missed it)

I am not even ashamed to admit that I was/am a complete fareweather fan. I love my Celtics and have never really cared about the Bruins. Once the Celtics lost and the Bruins were doing so well, I couldn’t avoid watching them. It became something fun to do during the week. The Bruins were an excuse to go out, socialize, and be apart of the crazy Boston fans. No matter what bar you went to to watch the game you would always get the same crowd…the loyal and passionate fans. The bars would erupt every time a goal was scored as if we were all in the arena watching the game. People would high five each other and cheer so loud! I just loved being able to be apart of that!

Unfortunately I wasn’t in Boston for game 7. I really wish I had been! Being the dedicated fareweather fan that I was this season, I really felt left out not being in Boston to celebrate with everyone else tonight after the game! My friends were all texting me and sending me pictures of the crowded streets. WAH! I wish I had been there.


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