Going away party

My weekend was packed full of friends and fun! It went a little something like this….

These fools came down from Maine to visit!! And I’m so glad they did. They make my life so fun!!

love these boys

Friday night Rachel made me cry. It was the last night we were seeing each other before my move. Drinks were involved and the tears came a flowin’. (Fortunately we don’t have a pic of the tears. But this is the most recent pic I have of just me and Rach which is from NYE, and I love it)

Saturday night we had a going away party for me at my apartment. It was SO great to see everyone. We all had a ton of fun…and took a ton of pictures. For those of you who don’t know, I am a paparazzi. I love taking pictures of me and my friends when we are out having fun. It is so great to be able to look back through pictures and remember all of the great times we had together. My last weekend in Boston meant EXTRA pictures. Here is a quick glimpse of my weekend 😀

Roommate pictures needed to happen, obviously.

And naturally we dressed in the same colors both nights. (I swear this wasn’t on purpose and I didn’t even notice until I saw the pictures)

I’m going to miss these girls after spending pretty much the last 6 years together!! We had our fun at UNH and then continued our fun in Boston. And apparently we like to segregate…brunettes on the left, blondies on the right.

The weekend was full of laughs, drinks, and tons of dancing. What else would you expect?!

My last weekend in Boston was the most fun weekend we have all had in a while. It was so great bringing everyone together. I am going to miss everyone in Boston SO much! There will be many visits in our future. Even if I have to bribe them to come to Wisconsin. 😀

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