Run to Remember

I did it! I completed my first half marathon!! 🙂 I mentioned here that I was setting a personal goal for myself to finish the half marathon in under two hours. Stick around to find out what happened!

Back in February we all signed up for the Run to Remember. It really crept up on us fast!!

Lets back track to Saturday, pre-race. Saturday afternoon a group of us who were running trekked down to the World Trade Center to pick up our numbers. The place was packed with runners. Being there made me so excited for the race! I also loved getting the free samples!

My roommates (Jamie and Leigh) and our friend Kristen all got together for a pasta dinner on Saturday night. We were all giddy with excitement about the race. There were a few nerves floating around for us first timers (Kristen is the only one who has run a big race before…the Boston Marathon last year)! But overall, we couldn’t stop talking about the race and how excited we were!

We parted ways early Saturday night, knowing that it was important to rest up for what was to come the next day. Alarms went off at 6a.m. I hopped out of bed and didn’t feel the littlest bit tired. It was great!

I was a little nervous about what to eat pre-race. I never do well when I eat before I run so I made sure I got up early enough to eat and not feel full and cramp up during the race. I decided to go with a banana and a Luna bar.

Once we got down to the seaport and checked our bags, it was time for a pre-race picture!

We are so colorful!

Thumbs up! All smiles and excited to run.

We all gathered in one area to stretch and mentally prepare for the race. We met up with a few other friends and got PUMPED. We thought that the race started 15 minutes later than it actually did. It turned out the 5 miler race started after the half marathon. Duh! That makes a lot of sense.

A group shot of (almost) everyone while we are waiting for the gun to go off!

Before we knew it, the race started! Off we went. We all stayed together for the first few miles. We were keeping a steady pace and it felt really good. Rachel and Rory started to pick up the pace a little bit so I decided to try and keep up with them. Around mile 5 I felt so pumped up and had an adrenaline rush for miles 5, 6 and 7. At this point I had broken away from my friends. It was much more enjoyable running with people that I knew but I had my mind set on beating my personal goal of under 2 hours so I wanted to make sure I kept my pace up.

At mile 9 I got really, really hungry. I am not into Gu, so I just powered through it.

At mile 10 I stopped to stretch.

At mile 12 I wanted to walk. This was the hardest mile by far.

At mile 13 I picked up the pace the best I could considering my blistered feet and my right leg not feeling completely normal.

1 hour, 55 minutes and 53 seconds later I crossed the finish line! I did it! I beat my goal of under two hours!

I immediately went straight for the water inside the finish line. Next came the food. I had never been so happy to see bananas and oranges in my life. They also had Larabar’s (which are my new obsession), bagels, and potato chips (this seemed odd to me, but hey, whatever works)!

After the food you picked up your medal. Once I got all my stuff together I found my friends as they came in one by one across the finish line.

sweaty messes. but we did it!

The first thing that crossed my mind when I finished is, ‘I can’t wait to run another one’…yipeeeee!

Once I got back to my apartment I finished off my post race binge eating with some watermelon. I was so happy to find it in the fridge.

This run really was a run to remember 😉

Over all my memorial day weekend was very relaxing and enjoyable. 🙂 More updates to come later but for now, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the evening weather and go for a walk with my roommate Jamie.


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