Institute of Contemporary Art

I am not really an artsy person (by any means) but I love doing something a little different every once in a while, which is why when my roommate Jamie asked me to go to a museum with her I was completely on board!  Jamie has been wanting to check out the museums in Boston for a while now, as have I. When we found out the Institute of Contemporary Art is free on Thursday nights we decided we had to go! Of course I would have paid to visit the museum, but free is better! 🙂

I loved the exhibits that were being displayed at the museum. It’s crazy to me how creative some people are. It’s also surprising to me how certain things pass as art…like the patch of moss that was on display. Hmmmm…

The view from the upstairs of the museum wasn’t bad either.

look at all the sail boats!

Jamie checking out the view

After the ICA it was time to enjoy the weather with some roof deck action and a beer (or two). Jamie and I went to a bar in the seaport area and shared some nachos. What a nice little date 🙂

Today officially feels like summer. I need to get outside and do something so I think a short, slow run is in order. I have my half marathon on Sunday and figure I should get one last little run in before the big day!


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