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Yesterday leaving work I felt like I had a lot of leftover work hanging over my head. I told myself that I was going to start off my day with my favorite iced coffee, avoid all forms of social network, and zone in on my list of things to do.

Well, this is not how my day has started off. Here is how my morning has gone so far:

  • Open Outlook (avoiding everything work related)
  • Open Gmail
  • Log in to Facebook, stalk Facebook, close Facebook
  • Log in to Twitter
  • Find out Kim Kardashian is engaged
  • Read about Kim Kardashian’s engagement
  • Log in to Blog
  • Reopen Facebook
  • Gchat Leigh, Rachel, and Anthony
  • Open Google Reader
  • Read all the blogs that I follow
  • Gchat Chelsea (she is in Thailand! which means I have to talk to her every chance I get!)
  • Open Pandora (Adele station today)
  • Write blog post

So, here I am! I have had QUITE the productive morning, don’t ya think 😉

I just want to touch upon Google Reader for a second. I love using it because I never miss a post on all of my favorite blogs and websites. It is a great way to stay organized as well! However, it is the biggest distraction ever. Right now seeing that there are 89 articles that I haven’t read yet overwhelms me.

I highly suggest Google Reader. I’m sure most of you may already use this device but in case you don’t, here is what you do. Log into gmail and at the top you will see a tab that says “Reader.” Click on this and there will be a tutorial on how to use Google Reader. Over on the left hand side, copy and paste the link of the blog/website that you want to keep up with. Now you will never miss out on an article from your favorite bloggers/websites! Go ahead and add my blog to your reader 😉

If you don’t use Google Reader, what other ways do you keep track of the blogs/websites that you follow?


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  1. I have no idea how one would keep up with blogs without google reader. Once upon a time – 2+ years ago – I think I saved the ones I read under my “favorites.” Reader rocks!

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