BBQ chicken pizza

I feel out of breathe after all of the Chicago blog posting that I just did. Phew, all done!

Now, let’s talk about what was for dinner tonight. I am not sure where the craving came from today but the second I left work I had BBQ chicken pizza on my mind. This was really weird to me because I typically don’t like BBQ sauce. But when a craving is calling, you gotta answer!

I popped into Trader Joe’s on my walk home from work today. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to buy to use as pizza crust. I decided to go with these:

Definitely a good choice! I was worried about them being a little to thin for crust so I folded the flat bread over before I added my toppings.

I had never made BBQ chicken pizza before and I wasn’t sure what type of toppings to put on it. I decided to look up some recipes online. Most of them suggested to include red onion and green pepper. Both of these sounded great to me so I threw those on top. I found a tomato in the fridge and decided to cut some of it up and include it as a topping as well. I also marinated some chicken in BBQ sauce and grilled it up to add to the pizza. Prior to topping the pizza, I put a thin layer of BBQ sauce on top of the crust. Then came the chicken and veggies…followed by mozzarella cheese!

I cooked this up in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes (until all the cheese was melted).

Voila! Just like that I had dinner for one!

(I really need to figure out the flash on my camera. The pictures are either too dark or blinding!)

I can’t believe tomorrow is already Wednesday. Yippee!


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