Keeping busy

Typically every time I went to visit Phil I would fly in on a Thursday night and he would always have to work on Friday’s. This left me with needing to get creative with what to do during the day. I would fill the day doing errands, planning dinner, or baking a yummy treat for Phil 🙂

This time around, I had actual things to do. Things that pertained to my move!! On Friday I had two apartment appointments scheduled. Phil had already looked at one of the apartments for me (what a nice guy :)) but while I was in the area I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see it myself. I saw two apartments during the day on Friday. One of them was an immediate no. There was no way I could ever live there. The other apartment that I saw (which Phil had previously looked at) was totally livable. I wasn’t completely crazy about it but I could definitely live there. I was told that about a dozen other people had shown interest and that it wasn’t likely that I’d get the place but I could fill out an application anyway.

At this point I was feeling a little discouraged. I really needed to find a place to live for two reasons:

  1. I don’t want to be homeless when I move there
  2. Phil’s lease is up June 30th and his new one doesn’t start until August 15th and I don’t want him to be homeless either

I was feeling pressured to find a place which made me a little moody. I made myself get over my mood quickly and told myself that I wouldn’t worry about it until Phil and I got back from Chicago!! Nothing was going to ruin this trip 🙂

Phil was going to sneak out of work an hour early so we could hit the road at 4:00. When he texted me at 1:00 and asked if I wanted to leave at 3:00 instead, I was ecstatic. I figured at this rate we might beat some of the traffic but boy was I wrong. We got to Chicago right as traffic started. The 2.5 hour drive took us over 3.5 hours. I have mentioned my love for road trips before. No matter how short or how long, I love road trips…but I like them when you’re actually moving. Being stuck in traffic brings a total different vibe to the idea of a road trip.

Once we finally arrived to our hotel, we got over our frustration and focused on our happiness and excitement to be in Chicago together for the weekend. After all, the purpose of the trip was to celebrate our “two year anniversary” so we focused on that instead which led to smiles 😀 😀

(Bare with me as I’m trying to bring you up to speed here, this is all I have in me for now)

Next up: the Chicago trip!


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