Throughout my time writing this blog I have been really bad about taking pictures to incorporate into my posts. This is something I really hope to get better at because when I read other blogs the pictures definitely drag me in and keep me a lot more interested than just reading a ton of text.

Fortunately, Phil encouraged me to take pictures for the blog throughout our time in Chicago. I did my best, but still didn’t do as good of a job as I would have liked. Must. Get. Better.

To start off our Chicago trip Phil and I had a dinner date :). We went to a place called Carnivale.

Phil’s friend (who we stayed with one night in Chicago) recommended this place to us. I sure am glad that he did! The food was delicious!!

guac for an appetizer. delicious!

Aprea-pork appetizer

Next up, entrees!

Phil ordered Costilla de Res. Which is short rib. And it was absolutely amazing.

Costilla de Res

I ordered Arrachera, which is steak with rice and beans. Again, amazing.


Carnivale is unlike any restaurant I’ve been to…partly because the food was amazing and partly because there were pictures of half-naked/topless girls all over the walls. I honestly wasn’t really paying attention and didn’t notice but obviously Phil did ;). We got over the slight uncomfortableness of these unexpected pictures and really enjoyed our time there. If you’re ever in the Chicago area I highly recommend this restaurant. The atmosphere is great with colored lights everywhere, big spacious rooms, and naked girl pictures all over the walls.

Phil and I contemplated meeting up with a friend of his after dinner. It sounded like a fun idea but after thinking it through we decided to stick in the area of our hotel and continue our date night :).

After a couple drinks we were pooped and decided to call it a night so we could rest up for Saturday!

Stay tuned for one more Chicago trip post! Then we’ll get back to current life!


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