Chicago part two!

Saturday morning Phil and I woke up, ordered breakfast in bed, and then quickly got ready for the day and headed out the door to explore Chicago! We did a little window shopping and enjoyed the nice weather. We met up with some friends and enjoyed Chicago style pizza for lunch. Yes, it was my first time eating deep dish pizza. Obviously, I loved it.

From here on out we spent the rest of the weekend with Phil’s friend, Geoff, and his girlfriend, Jess. They were so nice to show us around the city and hang out with us for the weekend! After lunch and spending the afternoon walking around, we returned to Geoff’s apartment for some drinks on his roof deck. The weather was beautiful. Definitely couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon.

Phil enjoying the roof deck 🙂

We went to an unbelievable BYOB sushi restaurant for dinner. It is called Toro. If you are in Chicago, please go eat there. And bring your own beer or wine. I promise you won’t regret it.

The next day we spent more time exploring the city and went to a zoo in the area!

The only picture of us from the whole weekend!

All of the animals at the zoo were super nappy.

nappiest lion

I think I love this city!

This weekend was so, so fun! It was an awesome way to celebrate our two year anniversary :). I can’t wait to go back to Chicago and visit again soon since I am going to be living 2.5 hours away (in 24 days)!!


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