Hey Milwaukee! I really wish your airport provided me with free wireless. That way I wouldn’t be completely bored during my three hour layover! Thanks anyway.

Can’t ya tell that I’m bored? I have a three hour layover here…yes, sounds terrible. And typically I would be complaining to no end but not this time. Phil will be joining me soon and then we are on the same flight to Madison!! Eeeek, I can’t wait!!

I was just texting Phil before he took off from St. Louis and asked if he is going to be my personal chef tonight for dinner or if he is going to take me out somewhere nice ;). He said we are getting take-out. Excuse me Phil, I didn’t give you that as an option!! But I’ll let it slide. He made a good point that we are going to be eating out every meal while we are in Chicago and that he has no food at his apartment since he has been gone all week.  Ordering take-out will be the quickest way to eat (and laziest). Just kidding Phil, I love when we get take out!! 😀

I just saw a plane take off that looked like Sham00.

Hmmmm….that is my queue to put my nose in my book and read until Phil gets here. Catch ya later!! 😀

Due to lack of internet at the airport, at this point Phil and I are back at his apartment. Time to go invade Phil’s personal space. He acts like he doesn’t like it, but I know he does.


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