Hello from the airport!

I love when airports have free wi-fi! Thanks Logan! 😀

As I sit here and write this post all I notice is how badly I need to clean my computer screen. Definitely some different lighting going on at the airport than what I’m used to in my apartment. This thing is filthy!!

But anyway! The day is here!!! I am off to Wisconsin for my very last visit of my long distance relationship. I can’t wait to see Phil! 🙂 It is going to be an awesome weekend.

I have been scheduled to arrive in Madison around 6pm all along. Phil on the other hand thought he was going to be landing around 6pm when I booked my ticket but then told me later on that he actually wouldn’t be back until 11pm. Ugh!  So today he pulled some strings and called the airport to see if he can get on some sort of standby for an earlier flight….success!!  He will be landing in Madison around 6pm as well 😀 (While I’d like to think that I’m the only reason for why he wanted to get on the earlier flight…I know it’s not the case. Who wouldn’t want to leave work hours earlier!?)

So, let’s talk about traveling. First, Venti Chai Tea Latte please!

Traveling necessity

When it comes to traveling there are a few things that I’ll miss:

  • The excuse to eat airport food (the only time that I ever really eat fast food)
  • The excuse to spend 5 dollars on a coffee
  • Taking half days at work
  • People watching
  • Reading (I do the most reading when I travel. I am going to have to change this)

And a few things that I WON’T miss:

  • Delayed flights
  • Long layovers
  • Screaming kids during flights

I am thankful that I won’t have to fly half way across the country anymore to see my boyfriend.  A car? What is that? Oh, right. A normal mode of transportation that people use when they want to see each other. I can’t wait to live minutes away from Phil. It is going to be awesome!

It’s going to be time to board here in a few minutes. I am really looking forward to reading Something Borrowed during my flight. My friend Rachel just read it and said she wants to see the movie. I have a rule with books that are movies…if it is a book that I think I will want to read I can’t see the movie first. It always ruins it for me. SO Rach let me borrow the book for my trip. I better get reading so we can have a movie date next week when I’m back home 😀

p.s. I am not sure how many posts I will get in this weekend, if any. I promise a full recap after the weekend!!


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  1. Have a great trip, and congrats again on this being the last trip to “visit” before you move. So exciting!!

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