Our last visit!!!

Tonight I find myself sitting on the couch watching the Law and Order: SVU season finale, eating a hazelnut cupcake, and drinking a class of red wine all while trying to contain my excitement for tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is the last time I will ever have to go to Wisconsin to visit Phil!! The next time I see him after this weekend will be once I MOVE there to be with him! 😀 Phil and I have been doing a long distance relationship for two years now, as I went into more detail here and here. I couldn’t be more excited to finally make our relationship feel more normal. This will be my new home for an unknown amount of time…

This is the same view from Phil’s back yard at the apartment he lives in now. So pretty 🙂

While I am in Wisconsin there is a lot planned! I land tomorrow night, as does Phil. He travels for work and hopefully we will be landing in Madison around the same time! Friday Phil will have to work and I have a few appointments of my own. I have a meeting with a temp agency first thing Friday morning followed by two apartment showings. I am beyond excited to (hopefully) find a place to live while I am there. No, Phil and I aren’t going to live together…yet. I’ll get into that another day.

On Friday afternoon Phil and I are going to head to Chicago!!

Ahhhh, I am so excited!!! Look how pretty that city looks! Phil has lived within two hours of Chicago for the last two years. I have been begging him to take me forever and we are finally going! When he brought up the idea to make the trip he said we could use our “2 year anniversary” as a reason to have a nice weekend in Chicago. I put our anniversary in quotes because we don’t really have an anniversary. We just know we’ve been together around 2 years and as long as we are together, we’re happy! 😀

I could copy more pictures of Chicago off of Google images or I can post my own pictures after my visit this weekend!! I like that idea much better 🙂

I can’t believe that it is almost 11pm and I haven’t even packed yet. This is SO unlike me. I better get going…this could take a while!!


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