Finale at Finale

Tonight I worked my last shift at the restaurant! I put in my two weeks notice pretty early because I want to be able to have time for myself and friends before I move (in one month, eek!).

My last shift was a little bittersweet (don’t mind me as I overuse this word over the next few weeks). I am so glad to be done working two jobs but I really enjoyed my short time working there! The people were extremely nice and even though I have only known them a short amount of time I am going to miss them! In addition to the people being awesome the extra cash I brought home every night was a bonus as well :D!

Oh and another perk about the restaurant I worked at…

This is what no self control looks like.

I got to bring home cakes just about every single night. The desserts are amazing . I worked at a place called Finale. It is a restaurant that specializes in desserts. Thank God my time working there overlapped with my half marathon training or else it is guaranteed I would be 10 lbs heavier (gross, I know). Being someone that has no self control when it comes to food, especially sweets, I justified all of my eating tonight with the fact that I won’t be able to enjoy the goods from Finale anymore. That is completely logical, right? It sounds good in my head but does not feel good in my belly.

My roommates have a love hate relationship with the fact that I worked there. They too are thankful they have been training for a half marathon while I worked there. Here are the goods I got to bring home with me tonight…

chocolate raspberry cake

coconut and chocolate cake

hazelnut cupcakes with nutella frosting aka the most amazing thing in the world

bed time snack

I’ll do my roommates a favor and bring some of it into work tomorrow. You’re welcome Leigh and Jamie! đŸ™‚

Just knowing I have all those cakes in the fridge makes me want to get up and go for a run in the morning. That is exactly what I hope to do as long as the rain that has been happening for the last three decides to stop! Goodnight everyone!


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One response to “Finale at Finale

  1. LEIGH

    i almost stole a cupcake for work today but said no…..i regret my choice already and its only 9 am.

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