It’s Friday…the sun is out…my friends want to hang out…this means that it’s worth it to give up a shift at the restaurant tonight. I was scheduled to work tonight, tomorrow night, AND Sunday night. This would leave me no time for myself and no time for my friends. Considering I have very few weekends left here in this great city, I couldn’t let this happen. Lucky for me, one of my lovely coworkers agreed to pick up an extra shift and work for me tonight. Yay!!

Which means….


Roomie time! (don’t mind us, we’re just loving each other. we may or may not have had a few beverages). We need to capitalize on all opportunities to hang out and have fun since I will be moving out next month. Tonight is a great night to do that!

Hopefully these girls will join us!

And we can meet up with these boys!

I will miss them all when I move. BUT we’ll save the sad stuff for later.

Goals of this weekend:

  • Have fun with friends 😀
  • Don’t neglect the blog
  • Eat out at a new restaurant (there is a crepe place down the road I’ve been dying to try. I’ve never had a crepe)!

Time to relax (look! I’m already accomplishing one of my goals) until my roommates get home. Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. I was hoping you could choose a more repulsive picture of me…NOT

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