Changing it up

Don’t you hate it when you’re cranky for no reason at all? Well, that was me yesterday.

I tried to fix this with some retail therapy…that failed. I didn’t buy one thing.

Next, exercise. That always helps! On my way back to my apartment it was really windy, cold, cloudy, and started to sprinkle. This made me so unmotivated. I knew I needed to do SOMETHING to get out of my mood. I decided to find an in home work out online. I literally googled “at home work outs” and came across this series of exercises. It didn’t seem like anything too difficult so I got down on my mat and gave it a go! By the end of the work out, problem solved. No more cranky Hannah!

Can I just say that I am sore today?! I am someone that swears by running and have convinced myself that it is the only type of exercise for me and the only type of exercise that works for my body. Welp, I was wrong! It is definitely worth it to change it up every once in a while. I didn’t break a sweat like I would have running but I sure did feel the burn during some of these exercises. When I woke up today feeling a little pain in my legs, I was pleasantly surprised. Way to go work out! I love the feeling the next day of being a little sore, it makes me feel like working out was worth it!

Now, about these sore legs. My run tonight should be interesting. Time to stretch and then pound the pavement!


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