Eat, Drink, Celtics

There are three very important things that need to be discussed tonight.

First: The Celtics. UGH! They are killing me. Game 5 just started and they are down 3-1 in the series and MUST win tonight or else my little heart might break :). Phil is a LeBron fan (yuck) and keeps teasing me that the Celtics are going to lose. I hope they prove him wrong!!!

Second: Two Buck Chuck. Wine. I was sitting on the couch eating dinner tonight and my roommate came home and said that she was going for a run and then will be having some wine later (the two go very well together). Immediately after I finished my dinner I scurried over to Trader Joe’s (living a 3 minute walk away is dangerous) and picked up two bottles of Two Buck Chuck (which is actually $2.99 as opposed to $1.99 like it used to be). I mean, sure, not the best wine in the world but for someone cheap like me, it gets the job done!

Third: Brownies with Reese’s peanut butter chips in them. They are currently in the oven and smell deeelicious. I didn’t have a choice but to make these brownies tonight. My eggs are going to go bad in 4 days and I couldn’t let them go to waste! I bought the brownie mix a few weeks ago to make brownies for Phil when I went to NYC but I never had the time to make them before I left. So, win for me! I get to eat them now 🙂

the goods

Of course my brownies come out of a box. I have made them from scratch one time and didn’t like them nearly as much.

mixing everything up!


add the peanut butter chips!

Yes, I licked the bowl clean. I thought I’d spare you pictures of my grubby fingers digging into the bowl.

While writing this post the brownies finished cooking (look at me, multitasking ;)).

The final product

I will be digging into these shortly. Time to pour a glass of wine, sit back, relax and enjoy the (hopefully not last!) Celtics game!!


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